Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Even trade??

Today Ted has decided to trade his 1989 BMW for a '90 Jeep Wrangler...He woke me up early this morning to send his old car off properly, and say farewell to the adorable little car that carted us around on all of our college dates. So we donned our WKU hoodies and hit up McDonald's for a little sunrise grease--just like college (only at 7am, and I actually showered and put on heels afterwards, my how times change!) He made the big trade this afternoon. At first I was a little skeptical about it's safety features, or lack thereof. None, I repeat NONE, of the instruments work. Not the speedometer, the RPM's, not even the gas gauge (which will be interesting). Oh, and no radio or mirrors of any kind. Or a parking brake. Good thing this is Indiana and not Tennessee.

He wanted us to drive it to a work function I had tonight, the annual "hog roast" near the State Fairgrounds. He'd taken off the doors and the top, so I had to get over myself pretty quickly and have decided to leave a baseball hat in the car at all times. Despite all its problems, it's actually a pretty fun little car. I got to drive it home, and I think it will be great in the summer. I've posted a few pictures of the new ride. Enjoy!


mshowers said...

You have to keep us bloggers posted about the gas guage not working!!! Hopefully you two don't get stuck out in the country during a tornado! No windows or doors to keep you safe is a scary thought! Just remember--always head towards a ditch!

SLO said...

Love the new ride!!! It fits Ted perfectly and you both look great in it!! Yall will definitely have some fun in it this summer. Silas was wondering if it's 4WD, and if it works or not??

Anne said...

Sounds like a sensible and solid purchase. At least I know I'm guaranteed some great stories about running out of gas and going either 30 or 110 mph without knowing it and the tickets that will inevitably follow:) Have fun in your new car!