Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Leaving...on a jet plane...

I haven't had much time to post anything new lately, although there's a lot going on! The first and most exciting news is that my sister-in-law, Beth, is having her first baby! Yes, I used the word "having" because she is in labor as we speak (or type). She and her husband Ross went to the hospital late last night, and it looks like the baby (Annabel) is taking her sweet time deciding to come on out into the world. Beth is progressing slowly but surely, and we are all anxious to welcome our new family member!! Ted's brother Peter came in from Santa Fe a few days ago, and its been really nice to have the whole clan around for a while. We're holding our breath that we get to meet little Annabel before we leave for our trip, which leads me to another subject...
Ted and I leave for Ghana tomorrow, and we are both trying to wrap our minds around that fact at the moment. We've been looking forward to this trip for months, and we've had all that time to conjure up images and expectations in our heads about what it will be of my favorite things about traveling is imagining the trip, and then seeing how pale my imagination really is when I finally get there. Having the opportunity to see Africa at all is a miracle in itself, but I cannot WAIT to see how God is going to use us over there. We will miss you all and be in touch when we come back on Sept. 12.


Caroline and Ted


Emmalee said...

I miss you already...come back soon!