Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update by Jude Hammy

Mom said I could update the blog since she didn't have anything to write about, so here goes. It might not be too long, since I don't know a lot of words yet...
Let's see....I learned how to stand up all by myself today. Just kidding. Daddy was hiding behind me to help! Well, I probably could have stood all by myself if Mom didn't put me in these pants. They're my cousin Tyson's. I like them, but they're a little big.

Man, I can't wait til I'm big enough to stand up, and walk too. I know where I'd go....straight to my best friend, my Rainforest Jumperoo, that's where. I'm so glad my cousin Annabel brought it over, I'd die without it. I go nuts on that thing. Daddy says I look like Michael Jordan dunking a ball when I play in it. I don't know who that is or what that means.

The other night I got to hang out with my best friend, Thomas. We used to play outside together, but since it got cold we have to walk with Mom and Mrs. Hennessee in the mall. It's louder in there and I can't fall asleep in my stroller like I used to. I don't like cold weather. It's stupid. Anyway, I introduced Thomas to Jack, and we all played in my room together. We mostly rolled around on the floor, like I do with all my friends. Thomas is 2 weeks older than me, so he's my mentor. He tells me about what's coming next, like food and babbling and all that, so I'm not going into these things blind.
What else? My teeth hurt a little, and some nights it wakes me I wake up Mom to come get me. I love it when she rocks me back to sleep. Drooling on her shoulder is one of my favorite things to do. Some nights I'm tired, and I'll sleep for 12 hours, like last night! I know Mom and Dad like it when I do that, so I try to give them a good night's sleep once or twice a week. They always talk about how tired they are, but when I'm a big boy, I know they'll miss it!
I've been exercising with Mommy, too. She likes to take me to the basement now, since it has carpet and I can roll around without hurting myself. Some days she runs on the big loud machine and I do pushups on the floor next to her, and act like I'm swimming on my back and play with toys on my activity mat. And we sing songs together. Mom sings different songs, but I always sing the same one. It goes like this: aahhhhhhhhh, aahhhhhh, aahhhhhhhh, gaahhhhh, GAAAA! And then I drool on her shirt.

Other than that, I'm just relaxing, having fun, and filling up diapers. I love you guys. If you need anything you know where I'm at. You can hit me up on Mom's cell. But don't call after 7:30pm. Love and kisses,


SLO said...

I am so glad to see Jude getting some good use out of Tyson's clothes! They are so cute on him. Don't you love those fuzzy brown bear pants? Those are what got us through the winter months with little man.

Beth said...

Okay, now that's the second blog picture that had me stumped. I was seriously wondering how you got him to practice standing on the arm of your couch before I realized what was up.

I'm glad to see Jude is taking after his mommy in other aspects in addition to his culinary tendencies...Jude's quite prolific.