Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December Updates

Jude has been a busy bee. He continues to get better at sitting up, although he tires out quickly (or loses interest trying, or gets frustrated, or a combination) and prefers to roll over and chew on his feet. He also tried peas and doesn't like them. He eats them if I'm persistent about it, but I can tell he's not crazy about them. The consistency is weird too, I think they might be better out of a jar because I can't get them smooth enough at home. He also ate some turkey for lunch yesterday (I mush it up into a tiny bite and smear it on his tongue) and he loved it and held his mouth open like a little bird over and over. And he watched me eat some Ramen noodles (I know, living the high life at the Mosey household) the other day with such curiosity that I finally gave him some, which he was quite pleased about. He doesn't quite have the hang of his sippy cup yet, but can sometimes manage to get the spout in his mouth and shoots me the cutest, proudest look and waits for me to clap and cheer! He's still singing and jabbering. Ted and I laugh because he sounds like the most classic, cliche baby this week...he literally says "ga ga" all day.
Most of you know our "house saga" that's been unfolding the past few weeks. If not, the quick and dirty is that we found a house we really like--a fixer upper--and were very close to buying it except that we're afraid our current house won't sell quickly, and we'd be stuck with 2 mortgages. So we tore our hair out several nights in a row (not literally, although my hair is falling out, but that's for another post) trying to decide what to do, and decided we'd better not put the cart before the horse with a decision this big. We do need to move at some point if we want more kids, and with the market the way it is, it's a great time to buy. So we're putting our house on the market, starting tomorrow. We need to do this in the correct order (get money first, then spend it! Who would have thought we would have such a hard time grasping this concept...)
We spent most of the weekend at home, which was nice. We also went to the House Republican Christmas party tonight and brought Jude, so everyone could say hello to him. It was so nice seeing everyone from work, but it was a quick visit, with just enough time to gulp down a glass of wine before we had to get home to put him to bed. He has turned us into early birds! Ted took most of the day off work today and we all went to the mall to do some Christmas shopping. I've somehow gotten away without doing much shopping this year, and I have to admit, its nice. I like shopping every month except December, then I suddenly hate it. I bought a gift card today and the sales lady somehow found a way to tell me that every other customer had purchased gift cards in higher amounts, and I picked up an UGG boot in Nordstrom and the salesperson rushed over and declared that I "deserved to get myself a little Christmas gift..." RIGHT...there was nothing little about the price tag. With the economy slowing, sales people are going into vulture mode. Stay strong, people!
And I'll close by talking about Jude's sweet mullet, or "skullet." All his hair fell out after he was born except the bottom part, that seems to grow longer every day. It definitely looks like Ray Romano's dad's hair, for any Everybody Loves Raymond fans. I've posted a few different pictures, showcasing a few different angles of his 'do. Enjoy!


Beth said...

Okay, a couple of things:
Annabel and I were reading your blog this morning before I went to work. She kept looking at Jude's picture--the one with him sucking on his feet--like leaning in really close to the computer to see it. I clicked on the picture to show her a close up and she started cheering--clapping and going, "Whew-whew--wheeew!" She obviously approves of her cousin's new tricks.

Jude's hair is too cute and I think he should rock it with pride.

We'll miss you three this holiday! Have a great time! xoxo

SLO said...

The skullet rocks! Don't worry, he will get more hair. Tyson didn't have much either until pretty recently. I still love seeing Jude enjoy Ty's wardrobe...especially the snuggy brown bear pants:) Can't wait to see yall next week!