Friday, February 6, 2009

Change of Plans

Well, there's been an abrupt change of plans for our family. Basically, all I can say is "Nevermind. About everything."

For those of you who don't know, Ted lost his job last week for reasons we'll never quite understand. He worked at Specnee Insurance for 5 years and had planned to be there for much longer, as it was a family business. We've had to take a few days to get our heads around this, since it was our "plan" for the future. I guess we need a refresher in Christianity 101...God makes the plans, not us! Anyway, the job loss sort of had a domino effect on other areas, and we won't be moving into the house on Central anymore.

So we started talking about what to do next. And we're still talking. We've consumed more coffee than any human beings should consume in the process. We've rambled. We've pulled our hair out. We've made lists. We've stared blankly at each other. We've cried. We've laughed. We've talked to lots of friends and mentors. We've sat in silence. But mostly we've prayed, and that's seemed to have the best results. I guess the logical thing would be to look for another house or apartment (we're supposed to be out of ours at the end of the month) and start looking for another job. Indy is our home, its where we've built our life, and it would probably be the easiest place to get a new job using friends or networking and ultimately, re-create our lives here. But for some reason we just feel the urge to GO. How often do you have no job, no house, no obligations, and a little jingle in your pocket to take off for a while? Don't get me wrong, we love our life here, but we just don't want to look back years down the road and wish we'd embraced an adventure when we had the chance, you know?

God's timing is weird. Ted and I used to talk about this sort of thing all the time, just running off together and doing something different, but I never pictured the scene with an 8 month old, that's for sure! Right now, we don't have any answers, but we're fairly confident our lives are not over in our twenties;) We've both felt strangely OK with these changes...we're young and energetic and up to the challenge, and we have faith in One who put us here. When I was little, a Sunday school teacher once told our class that we're just ants on an oriental rug: we're really small, and sometimes we're walking through a bright spot on the rug and things look great, then we walk into a black part and all we see is darkness. But when you look down from overhead and take it all in, its this big beautiful carpet that all makes sense.

We're looking for opportunities as close as down the street and as far as other continents. We love you guys and so appreciate all the emails, text messages, phone calls, and hugs to see us through this. Please continue to pray for our fam, especially for courage and clarity.

In the meantime, we're just hanging out enjoying some time off work:) Jude's been enjoying having mom AND dad around, and here's how we've been passing the time...


Anonymous said...

I love you and whatever you decide to do, you all have each other and I know you will be happy wherever you go. Although I think you should consider Nashville :)


Anne said...

Hey guys! I'm thinking of you! Matt and I went through the same thing in August with his job. It was a really stressful time, but we are truly in a better place today. I know you both will experience the same thing. Sounds cheesy, but everything does happen for a reason.


Beth said...

I am and have been constantly amazed at how well you both are handling everything that's been thrown at you. I know you'll make the best decisions about where your path is going, and, more importantly, you'll grow closer though the process. I know you always look at your family's time in Albuquerque as something that brought you all closer together. No one anticipated this one, but it looks like you'll get a similar deal now.

Now to get to my selfish side. I hate it that this means you are most likely going to be somewhere else, but I am trying really hard to remember it gives us another cool place to visit. I prefer the tropics while Ross enjoys skiing. :)
I love you guys so much!

Emmalee said...

What will I do without weekly lunches? I guess I can try to imagine weekly phone calls :) For now, I'll keep the prayers flying your way.

SLO said...

Love you guys so much. God is in control and working His wonderful plan in your lives. I am so glad you are open to change and seizing this challenge as an opportunity to grow. I am excited for your future and whatever it may hold. We are praying for you constantly:)