Sunday, March 22, 2009


We're happy to say that we've settled our plans for the coming year. We'll be going to Cochabamba, Bolivia from June 2009-June 2010. We'll join up with a few other American families down there (iTeams families) to help in several orphanages they've built. To everyone who has prayed for us and our family's direction, THANK YOU:) We feel a lot of peace about our decision, and we feel God pointing to that place and those people. It feels great to have a new direction established. Now, its time to get ready!
We've been able to hang with family a lot lately. Jude got to spend time with Annabel a few days ago when they came over for dinner. She is turning into such an adorable kid with such a sweet, funny little personality and I love that Jude is getting to play with his cousins so much recently. It makes me really sad to think about missing out on a year of our nieces/nephews' lives, especially when they're little and growing about a mile a day...thank goodness for blogs! Here's the only pic I got, of Annabel leaning in for the kiss!
He also got to hang out with Gramp and Thom last night. It was a beautiful day yesterday, and we strolled over to get pizza and pick up a new monkey to replace the one Jude destroyed. Jude hearts his lives in the car and he lights up everytime I hand it to him in his carseat and hugs and jabbers to him while we drive. He loved Monkey's arm off a few weeks ago and began loving the stuffing out of his leg, so a replacement was in order. Jude seemed fine with the switch, and I caught him holding New Monkey close to his face today, giving him a "lecture." (he lectures his toys when he thinks we're not looking, I'll try to get a video sometime because I can't explain his lecture face).

Switching gears...I'm about to stop breastfeeding. I can tell my milk supply is going down because Jude acts hungry after at least one feeding a day, and I've been "topping him off" with a couple of ounces of formula. Its been happening more often lately, and I talked about it with Jude's pediatrician at his 9 month checkup a few weeks ago. She suggested ways to ramp up my milk supply (extra feedings, pumping, etc) but at this point, with the end in sight, I'd been really looking forward to the freedom that comes along with not being a nursing mom. So I decided to start weaning, and I've started replacing one feeding a day with a bottle of formula. He seems fine, and we're on course to switch to all formula when he turns 10 months. I'm proud of making it 10 months, but I still feel a little guilty....and a little sad. Its the end of an "era," and despite some of the difficulties and inconveniences along the way, I'll miss that sweet time with my baby boy:( Sigh. It WILL be nice, though, to have my body all to myself, and not have to schedule my day around Jude Hammy's meals.
Here are a few cute pictures of him, feeding himself crackers like a big boy and hanging around the apartment. I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weekend!


Renee Wilson said...

We are very excited for you!
~The Wilsons

Beth said...

That first picture of Jude is straight out of Risky Business! We absolutely need a copy for the fridge--it's such great bribery for Jude's teens. And I'm beyond intrigued about this lecture face. Maybe he can show Annabel some technique...she sometimes gets very upset at kitty and her baby; she obviously could use some of Jude's authority.

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

Congrats! I am so excited for you guys and cant wait to follow your blog thru the experience!!! Much Love

Emmalee said...

You should get skype before going to Cochabamba (LaCucaracha) so we can still have our weekly lunches via satellite. I mean that's 52 lunches we're going to miss out on. What am I going to do? :(

Anthony, Stacey and Parker said...

I wanted to wish you, Ted and Jude the best of luck on your new adventure! I will be sure to keep up on how things are going through my sister and through your blog. You will be in our thoughts and prayers, and hope it is amazing for you guys!
PS- Jude is getting so big, and is such a cutie!