Thursday, July 9, 2009

See Jude Play!

Before I begin, let me just say these pictures are not in any kind of order I want them in...our new Picasa is just plain weird and I have problems uploading things, to say the least! I just wanted to post a few pictures of Jude from the past couple of days. He is becoming such a sweet little boy and grows up more every day. 13 months is a fun age, at least for us, and he's terribly busy around the apartment every minute. His favorite activities are hurling cans out of the kitchen cabinet, banging his head against the window too hard for my liking and watching the older kids play soccer outside, playing hide and seek, and pushing chairs around the kitchen--I suspect to get his confidence up for walking. Not sure how close he is to walking...he will stand by himself for a while before sitting down and walks pretty well just holding one hand in ours. We didn't bring our baby bjorn because he is TOO OLD for it but the Timmer's loaned us one of theirs because he just loves it so darn much. I feel like I'm wearing a grown man but he's happy as a lark in it, and the stroller doesn't do much good since the streets/sidewalks are so broken in places. Below are pics from today and yesterday, in front of our favorite fruit/vegetable market that we somehow end up visiting every day, and a picture of our street and apartment building, Edificio Zurich.

Here are a few pictures from last weekend when we went with Mike to roast coffee. It was really fun to be able to see the entire process and participate in it, from the roasting to the grinding to the packaging. Ted helped pick out all the over-roasted beans by hand while they gives us more appreciation for our morning pot of coffee! If you get the itch to try some, there's a link to Bolivia's Best coffee on the blog.


Lauren said...

Thanks for the pictures! So cute:) 13 months is a really fun age...I agree. Tyson was getting into everything, and learning so much everyday. Keep enjoying this time, the days go by so fast. Looks like things are going well and it is always nice to see your sweet face:) Can't wait to talk soon. Love you!

Emmalee said...

I think Jude is getting cuter in every post! Can't believe it's almost been a month since you've been over there...1 down, 11 to go :)

Beth said...

Ohhh shoot, I miss seeing your faces! Jude's face just makes me smile every time. We miss you guys and hope the adjustment period goes quickly.
--By the way--Jude looks super close to walking--can't wait to see those pictures!
Love you!!!

Brooke said...

Looks like you are having a blast! I am so excited for you! Guess what- Brooke Vollen emailed me and she is having a baby GIRL (Avery) next week! Miss you!

Kim N. said...

Hey, it is good to see that you guys are surviving and thriving down there.
The view from your apartment looks amazing!
Good job with the pizza; giving directions is really hard, I think.

Tell Jude he has to start talking soon so he can start learning Spanish too and he can be your interpreter :-)