Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We are very sad to say that Ted's grandmother passed away yesterday in Indianapolis. She hadn't been well for a few months now, so even though we're sad to lose her here, we know she's in a place where everything is made new and whole again. That sounds really cliche, but its true. It's been a tough few weeks around our house, as we've felt pretty helpless from where we are during times of loss for our families. So, we're going home for 2 weeks. We leave this afternoon. Prayers would be appreciated as we looks like we've got 7 flights coming up at all hours of the day/night, with a boy who demands to practice toddling at all times:) Also with a boy who vomited all over the house last night. (not really sure what that was about, but he seems happy today so we're ignoring it...)
Despite the circumstances, we are looking forward to seeing a lot of your sweet faces. I'm off to pack lots of snacks, toys, and books so Jude can practice reading upside down some more. Lots of love.


Shannon said...

I am just so sorry for you guys, I can't imagine how tough the past few weeks have been. I hope the traveling is peaceful and safe. Let us know if you guys need anything. Please tell Ted I'm so sorry. Shan

Lauren said...

So sorry to hear about Grammy. We will be praying for you and the Mosey family as you travel home and during this time in general. Our family hasn't caught much of a break lately, has it? Good luck traveling with a little toddling one!!! Love you.

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I am so sorry to hear about Grammy, glad you can come home and be with the family! Safe travels

Anonymous said...

Caroline, I am so sorry to hear about this. I know this is so hard for you all, please give Ted's family my best. Good luck with the travel and my prayers are with you all. Love you, Blair