Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyone's Growing Up!

I've tried to ignore potty training up til now, but I think its about to happen with or without my consent! Ted is really the one who is helping it along, and has gotten Jude to pee in the "big person potty" before bathtime at nights, and Jude yells "Potty!" and runs toward it all the time now. I feel like bringing Ada into the family was a big enough change for one summer, and wanted to wait til the fall to start concentrating on potty training. But I broke down and bought a little seat to put on our toilet, and he holds onto his little seat handles and giggles like its Christmas morning...only occasionally doing anything productive!

Ada is beefing up. I took her to her 1 month checkup last week and she's a little over 9 pounds now and grew 2 inches. She's awake a little more during the day now and we're having fun discovering her tiny personality. She's sweet and sensitive like her brother, and likes to be handled gently and spoken to sweetly and seems to tense up if she senses I'm stressed or in a hurry, so I have to remember to handle her calmly so her little world is happy! She loves being warm--bordering on hot--and loves taking naps outside. It seems the more hot and humid, the better!

We took them to the Childrens Museum yesterday because the current exhibit is Jude's dream come true: cars and guitars. Gramp gave us an advance Christmas gift and we're now members, so I'm excited to be able to make more trips in the future! He had a great time being a rock star, checking out the wheels, and digging for dinosaur bones. Plus, the cafeteria serves cut-up hot dogs and goldfish, so he was in heaven!
The siblings are bonding, and its the most amazing and adorable thing to see:)


Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

they are so beautiful Caroline!! I love Ada's spikey little hair on top :) They LOOK identical as babies! WOW!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, I love the pictures! Ada's changed so much since we left! How is that possible that she's even cuter and more precious? And I love the picture of Jude on the potty! Annabel cracked up and proclaimed, "Jude is a BIG BOY!!!" He looks so proud of himself and I'm sure will be a natural. :) Reading that just made me really miss you guys a lot. Hugs and kisses coming from down south!