Thursday, June 3, 2010

Learning Curve

Ada is 2 weeks old today:) She is proving to be a mild baby like her big brother and our fingers are crossed that doesn't change anytime soon! She is definitely keeping us yawning around here and the coffeepot is getting some good use, but I guess that comes with the territory. I'm starting to feel pretty good again physically and we're just trying to get used to life with two small children! Ted is an extremely huge help and is taking fantastic care of all 3 of us. He went back to work this week and its been...challenging. Super challenging! They are both great kids and by most yardsticks would be considered "easy," but its taking some time to find our groove. Jude and Ada both have such different needs, and its tough to meet their needs at the same time while keeping my sanity sometimes! I was telling Ted that I just haven't figured out how to have FUN yet. It takes all my energy and concentration to keep them both alive, fed and clean during the day...and it seems like I haven't found time for having fun! Jude and I's day used to be filled with giggles and silly moments (and of course tantrums) and I am ready to be comfortable enough in my new role to get that back. I know it just takes time and I certainly don't want to wish away these precious weeks with a newborn. Being a mom is the most amazing, most difficult job in the world, and I want to experience ALL of it. So I guess in a nutshell, I'm tired, I'm nervous, but I'm happy:) But aren't all Moms??!
Instead of narrating each picture, I'll just post some photos of our life for the past 2 weeks of these sweet munchkins we call family:)


Lauren said...

Caroline, your kiddos are precious!!! I can't wait to love on them soon hopefully:) I know you are in a really hard adjustment phase for now, but it will go by fast. We have lots of fun now that Jace is a bit older. They will be running around in the back yard together before you know it. Love you

Leah said...

It is SUCH a learning curve. It gets about 8-12 weeks when the little one starts sleeping better. Let me know if you need anything or have any qustions- it gets crazy, but FUN!!!

Dean, Mel, Ben, and Joey said...

just popping in to say hi, congrats, your kids are gorgeous and happy birthday to Jude :)

oh yeah, and I promise the fun will come back to you soon and believe it or not you will have even MORE fun with two kids to keep you laughing! Hang in there