Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two Weddings and a Baby

It had been almost 6 months since I'd been home to Nashville, oh man! First order of business: celebration breakfast with my girlfriends (and their hubbies/fiances)! Blair and Lynne are both newly engaged and I have the pleasure and honor of being in both weddings next Fall:) They've really snagged some great guys. And my friend Jaclyn is 5 months pregnant with her first baby, a boy! She and her husband Pat got some good snuggle time with Ada to brush up on their little baby skills...they are going to be such fun and laid-back parents, we can already tell:)

We also spent time with my family, cooked out, played outside, and let the kids play. Emily was very busy showing Jude how to get into was too cute not to get a picture of!

Ada just keeps making us smile:) She's settled into a pretty good schedule and takes 3 naps a day, and I'm having trouble figuring out how to leave the house between everyone's sleepy times!

We kicked off Fall with a family ritual...a caramel apple and cider at Lilly Orchard, on the school bleachers. Jude has decided apple cider is the best thing he's ever tasted and runs laps around the kitchen screaming for it.

Speaking of caramel apples, I have a neurotic problem with the fact that everywhere in Indianapolis, restaurants and coffee shops spell caramel "carmel." Carmel is a suburb of Indy and while I can respect the pronounciation of the candy to reflect this town, I cannot accept the incorrect spelling!! Ted says it would be ugly of me to point it out, but I'm keeping a running tally of the offenses in my head. Does this bother anyone else!?