Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As promised, a quick blog about our sweet Ada:)
*She is six months old
*She is super-smiley:)
*She is not super-laughy
*She just got her first tooth
*She sleeps 10 hours at night (except when teething...)
*She loves Jude and smiles and practically pants when he comes into the room
*She has only been punked on once by him, when he pulled her off the changing table, but she is a quick forgiver:)
*She loves her mommy's applesauce
*She rolls all over town
*Her eyes are the first thing people notice :)
*She is just starting to sit on her own
*She is easy to read and does "classic" sleepy/hungry signs which makes life easier!
*She weighs somewhere around 15 lbs
*She loves when we sing
*She loves to bounce
*She loves duck sounds
So maybe many of these things are typical for babies, but I guess that's a good sign! She adds a fabulus pouf of pink to our house and we love it! We are really enjoying getting to know her day-by-day and she fits so nicely into our family, the nooks of our arms, and our hearts!


Leah said...

Cute cute pic!!! Hope you are hanging in there Mama!!! Would you want to get the boys together sometime for a quick playdate? We're always looking for new friends to play with. Let me know... maybe after Christmas break?

Ted, Caroline, Jude and Ada said...

We'd love to:) We are already dreading being trapped inside for the winter! I'll send you a message after the holidays and we'll work something out!

Beth said...

I love her.

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Ahhh, sorry! I somehow posted that little comment twice and deleted one of them. Just wanted to let you know what looks all serious, that the "post was deleted by its author." Love ya!