Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here Comes Fall

Sweet Ada is toddling all over town. She took her first steps a while back, but really preferred to crawl until about a week ago. Now, she teeters around the house very purposefully, walking laps and holding her baby doll. This is the cutest age ever. I can't stop smiling at her.

Baby gates are kind of a nuisance, so we just decided to trust her. She gets "lost" a lot throughout the day, which means she's gone upstairs to brush her teeth. About 5 times a day, I wonder where she went, and go upstairs to find this.

She grabs her toothbrush (or Jude's, or Ted's, or mine--gross) and pretends to use the water, sucks furiously on the toothbrush and then sticks it into those holes in the sink where--in my mind--spiders live. Or sludge, or something scary. I wince everytime I brush my teeth now, wondering where my brush has been today. She's very diligent to dismount the giraffe stool carefully and back down the stairs safely. It's her favorite routine.

Jude got a big boy bed a while back. He asked for it, then as soon as it was assembled, he immediately recanted and said he wanted his toddler bed back. Too bad. He's adjusted well, and loves it now. I like being able to stretch out for book-reading and prayers (speaking of prayers, a few nights in a row he asked us if he could pray before bed; we thought he was saying "play" and would tell him to stop asking and go to sleep, closing the door while he wailed....until we discovered he meant "pray." We now hold the title of Most Guilt-Ridden Parents, and have apologized to no end to that sweet child! My shoulders still slump in shame when I think about it) Anyway, he's growing up even more and his big huge bed reminds me every time I see it. He's also started a nice collection of boogers smeared strategically on the wall close to his pillow.

What else? I went to Chicago a few weekends ago for Blair's bachelorette party! It was awesome to be with girls, doing girl things like eating sushi, shopping on Michigan Ave, bar and restaurant hopping, and getting dolled up in hotel bathrooms with a glass of champagne and lots of stories to trade. Blair's sister surprised her at the hotel, which was the total highlight. Stacey just had her 2nd son 2 months ago and wasn't planning on coming (understandably) but snuck up--breastpump and all--for Blair's party. We all cried watching them cry, and be such great sisters and friends to each other:) It was fun to be away, but my 45-hour trip was the longest away from the kiddos, and I was ready to see them when I got home! It was great though...not much left to do before we get to see Blair walk down the aisle and I can't wait!

Work (for me) has picked up a little this month. I'm doing some writing unrelated to food for one of my regular magazines and its been nice to add something different in the mix. It's gotten to a really comfortable point, where I have enough steady work to keep me busy everyday, but I can still blow off a day or two and not feel behind. I really want to spend my days with the kids, and I also really want the stimulation and satisfaction that comes with work; I feel so lucky its working out simultaneously right now.

Other fun stuff that's happened recently: Jude started back to his co-op preschool and likes it, although he started out a little shy and is slowly coming out of his shell...he and Ted went camping with our friend Sam and his son Thomas out at Sam's hunting property near Ohio, and they fished and had a total manly blast...Ada got her first baby doll and drags it around being Mommy...we just got home from celebrating my mom's 60th birthday in Nashville (I started this post a few days ago) and it was SO fun-we had a fancy girls' night out while the guys and kids had a bonfire at home...and things are just good. Normal and good:)


Leah said...

Our boys have too much in common! Same curtains, same Thomas blanket, and airplanes everywhere! We also brush our teeth SEVERAL times a day. They are adorable!!

Anthony, Stacey and Parker said...

Just got on your blog for the first time in a couple of months and got all caught up! Thakns for the sweet blurb about me :) Your kiddos are so cute and getting so big!!Loved reading all of your stories! SEe you in November!

Beth said...

Why is it that I like the slimy-toothbrush and the buggers-next-to-the-bed stories the best? I promise I really don't want your house--or your oral hygiene--to be disgusting, but I laugh every time. I also love the picture at the end of your two babies--the looks on their faces is too precious. xoxo