Friday, April 20, 2012

Florida and New Baby

We had a great "Second Annual Mosey Family Spring Fling" in Florida. Yes, that's what I'm calling it. I'm telling you, the panhandle of Florida is heaven in April. We maintained our lucky weather streak of all sunshiny, no rain or cloudy days again this year, hooray! The drive was good and very manageable, and the kids were awesome. We saw Memaw and G-daddy on the way down, and just G-daddy on the way back up. I finally got the fried bologna sandwich I'd been dad whipped some up at 10pm when we got into Nashville :)

Jude has been talking about/asking about "the green house" (the house we rent is green) ever since last year. Ted and I have found it uncanny the facts and details he remembers from last year, especially since he was TWO years old! He described in vivid detail the "silly" jets in the jacuzzi tub, the sand pails and shovels in the closet, the stairs at the pool he wanted to jump off, the "slippery" sand, and the bunk bed he couldn't wait to sleep on. For the first 48 hours of our trip, his only method of locomotion was a full sprint and his only volume was a full scream. He was wound up like a clock. Another tiny detail from last year that his little brain managed to capture was the box of Fruit Loops dad bought for breakfast. It was declared a tradition, and Jude munched his way through an entire box again this year. Our agenda was mostly alternating between the pool and the beach, napping, reading, watching Lifetime movies, playing Gin Rummy, and going to dinner. We went out to some favorite spots to eat, including a family favorite, The Back Porch. My sister Renee was in Destin the week before us (her kids were on Spring Break) and texted me a picture of a huge plate of steaming crab legs from The Back Porch. So Ted and I went for the kill, cracking and dipping and stuffing our faces with 2 lbs each of crab legs and praying the kids didn't unravel during the process. They held out, and I left there with butter stains on my sundress and a big smile on my face!

We brought our bikes, which was kind of a pain traveling but worth it. We got in two days of long rides down the boardwalk, stopping for coffees and ice cream and enjoying a break from the Monon. The got to see our friends Brad and Taryn, who moved there from Indy, for dinner one night, and drove to Seaside again for the afternoon once. Very fun, very relaxing! I just love it there.

I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet, but we're expecting another baby! I'm 11 weeks, due November 8th. We had a doctor's appointment a few weeks ago and everything looks to be good so far. I've felt really good, which is a huge blessing and totally lucky thing, especially with having 2 others to wrangle. Ada is clueless about the new baby and Jude seems to really be into it...he keeps kissing my belly (how cute is that!?) and talking into my belly button, mostly about showing it his silver train when it comes out:) He seems to adamantly want another sister, and to name her Ada. We keep patiently explaining why that would be confusing.

We are about positive this will be the last kid for us. This was the first kid that was a question of "if" rather than "when." Cheesy, I know, but I've just had that feeling that we're not all here, you know? Plus, Ted and I are both the youngest of three, so we know something good is on the way:) We also both really loved the size of our families, and want to re-create that for the kids if we can. We're fully aware the first few years are going to be exhausting, but we're trying not to base our decision on those tough first years. They will all be pretty close in age, but for us, its better to just rip off the band-aid! It will be hard, and then it will be awesome:) That's my mantra! Plus, I feel like my heart might burst when I look at Jude and Ada sometimes, because they are so precious to me. I want that one more time. And I'm so thankful its happening.


Beth said...

Two things: first, that is my kind of vacation! sun, relaxation, enjoying each sounds and looks like it was perfect!
Second, I cannot wait to meet new-baby-mosey! You all do the baby/kid thing right. He/she is one lucky little peanut and it is going to be hard to wait until this fall! xoxoxo

Brooke Burtnett said...

Congratulations Ted & Caroline! This is so exciting. I would love to get together soon to catch up. I miss you

Lauren said...

Glad you finally said something on here so I can say my public congratulations!! Glad yall had a great sounds wonderful. We are so happy for you guys and look forward to meeting baby Mosey # 3 later this year:) Love you:)