Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Home Sweet Home :)

I had the wonderful honor of helping to host a baby shower for my sister, Lauren, over the weekend at our parent's home in Nashville. It isn't often that the entire family is together (even major holidays are "iffy") so it was great to see everyone. My grandma and aunt even came up from Alabama for the day! My dad took the "boys" out turkey hunting for the day while us women "ooohed and aaahhed" over tiny booties and diaper geenies...I think little Tyson hit the jackpot this weekend! Lauren says she's almost all set for the big day, she's got the nursery set up and headed back to Arkansas with the car absolutely loaded down.

The "real" party got started after the guests left, and we got down in true Cinco do Mayo fashion with margaritas and guacamole. The weather was great (although humid-which made my hair look HUGE) and it was amazing to see how the Hensley clan is growing. There's a lot of life in that house, and I always feel so blessed to be a part of that:) I love you guys--thanks for a wonderful weekend!


SLO said...

THe pictures are great!! Thank you so much for the shower too....we are thrilled at all the wonderful goodies we got, and cant wait for little Ty to get here and enjoy them too:) We do have a great and growing family, don't we:) Im so glad you are my sister, and a wonderful friend!! Thanks for everything you do to love and support our family out here in Arkansas!!