Friday, November 16, 2007

Cat's outta the bag

In case the floating baby I put on the screen today doesn't give it away--Ted and I are having a baby :) Most of you have known for a while now, but I announced the news at work this week so now it's no longer a secret in any area of our lives! Yay! It's nice (and dangerous) to be able to yap about it at work, so I'm excited. We had thought of starting a family but wanted to go to Africa first, and we were blessed (very) soon after we returned from our trip. We've been fortunate to have an easy pregnancy so far, with not a drop of morning sickness and only slight fatigue, mostly later in the evenings. I'm especially thankful for that around the holidays. I have a feeling I've had a few (one, two, maybe a dozen...) mood swing "episodes," judging from the funny look on Ted's face that's becoming a little too familiar....he's been absolutely wonderful and I can already tell he's a fantastic dad. We've both been busy reading our mini-library of baby books we've already accumulated, and have been having a great time talking out the details and daydreaming about this new person in our lives...a Ted/Caroline hybrid, can it get any better than that?! (don't answer). We HAVE decided one thing so far: only God will know for sure whether the little one is a boy or a girl until he or she makes their big debut. We're both totally content with whichever, and we're forcing all of you to wait for one of life's greatest surprises along with us! You're welcome.
Other than that, not too much new going on. We went with some friends to the Dave Ramsey seminar last night, and actually really enjoyed ourselves. He's a Christian financial advisor/author, and has some very good things to say about managing money not only in a smart way, but in a scripturally sound way too. The Bible has a lot to say about managing wealth, and how to handle its abundance or lack thereof--building your character the same way with either. He also threw out a Winston Churchill quote that Ted and I both immediately loved: "You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give." Isn't that the truth...
Well, Ted's off deer hunting with his buddy for the weekend, so hopefully I'll have good news upon his return, and he'll come home bearing the fruits of his manly excursion into the woods!
Thanks to everyone for being so excited for us and rejoicing with us as we await our little miracle! Please feel free to join us in our prayers for the health and well-being of Baby Mosey, too :)


Cherrylynn and Ethan said...

Caroline and Ted -

Yay for Baby Mosey! We've all been praying for that little babe. Glad Caroline's been feeling well. We're so excited to meet your kid... and see you two next week!

Cherrylynn and Ethan and Cadalyn

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

YAH! I am so glad its not a secret anymore! I am so excited for you guys and cant wait to see baby mosey and see you at christmas, hopefully you will have a cute little belly!!!

xoxox jordan