Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Windy City

We went to Chicago over the weekend to celebrate Ted's 27th birthday :) I honestly can't count the number of pictures we've taken over the years in this very spot on Michigan Ave. but's a nice backdrop, what can I say? The city was full of people (almost TOO full, in my opinion) maybe because it was Veterans' Day weekend, who knows. We shopped for several hours on Saturday and the only thing we bought were a couple of lattes. We had deep dish pizza and listened to jazz at our favorite little place, and sat upstairs looking over the band so Ted could have his "birthday cigar." The band was great, but eventually I got so sleepy I thought I was going to fall over the railing I was leaning on (not kidding) so we headed home a little earlier than usual to prevent any such catastrophe...we woke up bright and early and had an amazing breakfast buffet (for those of you in Indy, it was like Mongolian BBQ, only you bring up the ingredients for omelets and french toast, mmmmmm!) and did some shopping for the babies in our family up by Lincoln Park. We got home in time to watch the Colts/Chargers game with some friends, which ended rather unfortunately! :( But all in all, it was a great weekend and a nice "escape." Ted received some pretty adorable cards from family members and a few heartfelt renditions of "Happy Birthday" on his cell phone, and he suffered through my singing too! Thanks everyone!