Sunday, February 24, 2008

Brown County

We had the chance to get together with several friends from college, including our good friends Dan and Bethan. We rented a cabin in Brown County, which is in southern Indiana near a little town named Nashville, IN (I spent a lot of my time explaining to people that I'm from Nashville, TN and not IN when I first moved up here...) We only went down for Sat. night and I couldn't really participate in most of the debauchery--cocktails and hot tubs don't fare well with a fetus--but it was still great to see everyone, and I know Ted has a lot of fun with those guys. He's been awesome these past few months and humored me very well so it was time to return the favor :) I am a lucky, blessed little lady to have him around. I love my baby daddy ;)

He got a little practice this weekend with onesies...I went shopping with some of my other pregnant girlfriends and bought my first baby items. Unfortunately, I discovered I really enjoy this. There was a small chance I wouldn't like shopping for the baby as much as I like shopping for myself, but that chance is now gone. Here are some pictures of Ted practicing on Jack, who was NOT impressed, but was oddly compliant.

Peanut is very, very busy these days and kicks pretty hard to be so small. We like to lay down and watch the baby doing tricks at night, and Ted's gotten some pretty good kicks in the face when he talks to my tummy! We're starting a 10 week childbirth class tonight, which is much more intense than most hospital classes but we opted to learn the Bradley method. A friend of ours teaches the course and it meets in her home, and 3 other couples are signed up with us. While I'm definitely not sold on natural childbirth, the classes cover a lot more than just the delivery and emphasize husband involvement, and we're looking forward to it.


SLO said...

I pretty much wet my pants I was laughing so hard at the pictures of Ted dressing the cat in a onesie!!! Thanks for making my day:) I found that once I started shopping for wee little clothes, that I have not been able to stop. Let me know how your class goes, even though I am totally against natural childbirth:)

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

Ya'll are so cute!!!!

(Like that Texas coming out in me??) Miss you! Hope your feeling well!