Saturday, March 8, 2008

6 Months

Sorry for waiting so long between posts, time has really gotten away from me lately! Let's see...same old story with work, Ted has been super-busy but its made this winter the most profitable one ever for the company, so that's good news. It seems like every month they exceed their goals, and I'm proud of him for getting through so many late nights and weekends, complaining far less than I would have if I were him, that's for sure! The Legislative session ends on March 14, so I'm counting down the days! This coming week will probably be a long and busy one, but it's easier to push through it when you can see the end point. As my grand-daddy used to say, "You can stand on your head for three days." Right? Another big event this coming week is the special election on Tuesday. Our Congresswoman died this year and one of the State Representatives I work for is running for her seat...against her grandson. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Well, onto the fun stuff! Here's the latest "baby shot" and I think you'll all be able to see a big difference from just a month ago. I sure can. I'm carrying the baby straight out in front of me. My belly button has popped out (it was never really "in" but now its definitely out and proud!) and I've been joking with Ted about how unprofessional it's hard to take yourself seriously in a suit at work with a belly button popping out at the world! Sorry I cut my face out...I sort of look like I'm on drugs in this picture for some reason, maybe it was just blissful happiness...

Maybe I'm speaking too soon, but I think pregnancy is great. I've loved sitting back and watching this miracle happen to me...God is making a precious person and I get to be involved in that, and it just means so much to me and to Ted. I try to fight my urges to worry and give the baby to God every day...some days I'm better at that than others, but its been this extraordinary lesson in letting go and having faith that things will unfold as they should.


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

AHHH!!! Look at that belly, its soo cute and def. changing!!! I hope you can make it thru this week with ease... take a few milk breaks for me!!! cant wait to see you!

SLO said...

love the belly shot...thanks for sharing. Hang in there with work, it will be over soon:)