Sunday, March 16, 2008

New crib in the crib

The nursery is coming together "one piece at a time," as Johnny Cash would say. We found a rug we really liked a few weeks ago, and Ted's dad treated us last weekend to a brand new crib, which we love. This one converts to a toddler bed and I like the "espresso" finish. Dark wood always makes me feel very at home:) We've ordered a changing table in the same finish too, that's supposed to arrive next week. The little one is very excited about the new stuff, because the kicking has been non-stop and very forceful! I used to notice a lot more activity late at night, but now the baby has no schedule, rhyme, or reason, and kicks like a crazy person any old time. Whoever is in there really loves their daddy already...when Ted wakes up he talks and sings good morning to my belly and gets a 100% return on his efforts--there's always a series of reassuring jabs in the direction of Ted's face almost immediately. It's pretty cute :)

Session ended on Friday, so no more strange hours or unpredictable schedules (at least until the baby shows up, right?) Instead of going out and celebrating with work folks, Ted and I had a quiet dinner at my favorite restaurant around here, Mama Carolla's. I also had a treat yesterday...Ted bought a pregnancy massage for me on Valentine's Day, which I scheduled for this weekend. I was a little curious about how it would work, since my normal massages have been laying face down, but they give you a body pillow and work one side, then flip you halfway through. Needless to say, it was wonderful and I felt like a little pregnant princess!


SLO said...

ohhh, I love the crib!!! Absolutely gorgeous. Have you picked out your bedding?

Beth said...

I love the crib, and Ted was right, I really, really love the rug!! You guys have picked out a beautiful (or handsome) nursery!

Thanks for helping Ross out today...he said peanut is showing and you look great! Can't wait to see for myself.


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I love the new stuff, its so cool!!! I got the cute invite today I am so sad I cant come but I will find something cute for baby Mosey!!! I am sure you are glad session is over!!! Have a great week!