Sunday, February 10, 2008

Just a quick post to show what I'm looking like at approx. 22 weeks (around 5 and a half months). I think the past four weeks have been the most dramatic yet in terms of growing...I'll find myself in positons sometimes that I really notice my belly, and I make Ted "Come in here and look at how pregnant I look right now!" (I know I'll think this is ridiculous in a few more months). The little peanut is kicking and punching and who know what else in there, and Ted felt it for the first time this week, which was really cool for both of us. We've finally gotten the home office redecorated for the most part, and now we're turning our attention to the nursery, which will be green and brown. I know that sounds ugly, but its not, I promise! Just a quick update, hope everyone is doing well! xoxo


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

AHHH I love it, your belly is getting so cute!!! I miss you!! I will be home in May for a week, def get together, and you will be so close to having the little one!! I hope you are feeling well! You look great!

SLO said...

Adorable! Love the belly:) I can't wait to see you:)