Monday, February 4, 2008

Good visit

My mom and dad came up from Tennessee over the weekend to visit. It had been quite a while and I felt a little bad about having them up in February...Indiana doesn't really compare to Tennessee in terms of scenery, and although it has its pretty moments and places, right now isn't one of them. The weather forecasters had us all freaked out late last week, promising what sounded like the "great blizzard of '08" was headed our way and would dump all kinds of snow on us. So I went nuts along with everyone else because its fun, and made the old mad dash to the grocery on Thursday night to fight my way through the bread and milk aisles "just in case" Ted and I became trapped in our house and had to live off milk sandwiches for 3 weeks...I don't know...anyway, we got about an inch and the forecasters were humiliated. But it ended up being a good thing, so that my parents could drive in safely. We had a great time with them, catching up, going out to eat, getting together with Ted's family and of course, manning the couch (get it..."manning?") for the Superbowl. Our little cat Jack really took to them, and found a new "nook" he liked on my dad's chest ;) I miss my parents, and being with them for a few days was really nice. We pumped them for parenting advice and got some good insight and perspective, too. It's hard to believe the next time they will be up here is to meet their 5th grandkid in June (followed by a 6th only two months later!). Wow.


SLO said...

I think you are showing in this picture!! I love it:)