Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Baby Mosey

It's a...........BABY! Please try to contain your excitement, I realize this is new information to all of you;) We had our 5 month appointment this morning and got to take a nice long look at our little one in all it's teeny tiny splendor! We stuck to our guns and reiterated to our ultrasound tech that we did not want to know the sex of the baby (however, we are proud to report that IS either a boy or a girl, nothing in between, whew!). And yes, we have the names picked out but those are a big fat secret, too! Everything seems to be right on track developmentally, and it's nice to know I haven't inadvertently ingested something awful along the way that would make a limb go missing or a vital organ disappear. The baby is actually at about a full pound, which is much bigger than I thought or my baby books have said it would weigh at 20 weeks. Maybe that's why I skipped the demure "fluttering" phase that most moms feel at first and have felt distinct kicks and pokes the whole time....I'm kind of proud of our "big" baby for now, but ask me again in June....
I posted a few of the better pictures, but they still need some interpreting. The first one is a blurry body and head, but amazingly defined arms and legs, and I just want to reach through that picture and squeeze those little hands! The second one is my favorite, but takes some head-tilting: the baby is lying on it's left side, kind of curled up, and you can make out the right ear and right side of the face, along with the little body. The last one is the standard headshot, looking up. Some of the pictures I didn't post lead us to believe the baby has Ted's legs and my huge Hensley ears! I wanted a better look at the face, but Ted and I agreed that babies' faces are kind of frightening "in utero" because they lack that adorable baby fat, and its scary to see a boney skeleton face staring back at you sometimes! Anyway, hopefully these pictures make sense and you can all figure them out without labels and arrows, which I can't figure out how to do! It was an exciting morning, and we're a very proud mommy and daddy today and even more anxious to pop this kid out and start hanging out family-style :) It's a strange thing to love someone so much that you haven't even met yet.
As a final note, today was sort of a dichotomy for us, because Ted's mom passed away 2 years ago today. A lot has happened with her family in that time period, and I sure do miss her during the milestones. It was good to be able to sneak away from the world for a while today with Ted and sit quietly at the park on his mom's bench, and soak up the day...reflecting on the end of a very precious life, and celebrating in the creation of another. I saw a quote once that said "Babies are God's way of saying that life goes on." Our legacy lives on in our children. It was cool to see that in a new way today.
Lots of love from the Mosey fam


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

Oh how exciting for you guys!!! The baby of course looks adorable!!! I cant wait to meet "it" !!!!

SLO said...

we are so excited for y'all and can't wait to meet little Mosey:) I'm glad today was able to be positive too as I know it could have been more difficult. We love you and can't wait to see you in April!