Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Mexico

We had Monday off for MLK day (or rather, I did and Ted created a personal holiday) and we used the long weekend to go to Santa Fe and visit Ted's siblings. Peter, his brother, lives there with his girlfriend Tara and we've had the chance to go visit them before as well. But we had a double reason to go this year, because our brother-in-law Ross is working on a movie being filmed in New Mexico this month, and Ted's sister went out to stay with him while he works. We had a good time catching up with family and all being together in a different place. The sad news is that Beth and Ross had to put their dog to sleep while we were out visiting, which is never easy, especially when he's become part of the family over the years. Ted and I did some wandering around early in the morning (we were stuck on eastern time and kept waking up at 6am!) and ate lots of wonderful Mexican food, drove around up in the mountains, and visited the oldest church in America (I posted a picture). All in all, it was a nice and relaxing break. Our flight came in really late on Monday night, and by that point we were finally getting used to mountain time and ended up getting Taco Bell at midnight and staying up way too late...I definitely paid for it Tuesday because I had to work 14 hours :( I'm trying to keep a good attitude about the late hours though, because every night we "burn the midnight oil" is just more time off in the Spring for me!


SLO said...

Awesome pictures!! I love your adventurous spirit and ability to take off on little trips when you want. I am needing a change of scenery but don't have the time, money, whatever to get away right now. Glad yall got to spend time with the fam, in a fun place:)