Tuesday, January 15, 2008

18 weeks and feelin' it!

OK, I realize these probably aren't the most flattering pictures in the world but you asked for the "belly shots" so I'm giving them to you! Which is nice of me, because frankly this an awkward phase in pregnancy when people aren't sure if you're "with child," or just had too much to eat for lunch. At this point, it's honestly a little of both! This is the first week people have said they see a tummy starting to form when I'm in my clothes, perhaps because I refuse to believe that my regular work pants don't fit so well anymore and rather than doing the bella band thing, I've become used to seeing an imprint of buttons/zippers/metal hooks imprinted in my skin when I take my pants off at night. So I continue to suffer for the sake of looking professional. I'll give in soon....The Legislative session started last week, and yes it's been busy and stressful and all of those things, but this year I have bigger fish to fry, so to speak, and the baby is providing a fun distraction from the grind of work this time of year. I've been diligently feeding the little peanut tons of hamburgers, something I never seem to get tired of, unfortunately. Steak and Shake tops my list of faves, but I'm really not picky. I don't have any uncontrollable cravings that turn me into a crazy person, but hamburgers, pickles, and berries make me happier than they ever did before :)

Speaking of happy, I finally felt the baby move! I felt it for a few days before I declared that it was, indeed, our little one flipping around in there. The baby goes through spells of activity and seems to be a night owl, because evenings are when I notice it most. Also when I'm driving for some reason, and I seriously think the baby likes Beyonce because I've felt it on 2 occasions that involve her songs in the car :) So....that's the good word here. Hope everyone has a good week!


SLO said...

You are too cute:) So glad you felt the baby move!! That is such an exciting milestone and will be so enjoyable from here on out. You look great by the way!

Emmalee said...

We want Ted! We want Ted! Where's his belly?!?!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

Blair told me the exciting news of feeling the baby move, so I had to check out your blog! You look great, and I will check back here for updates along the way! Congrats again!