Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goodbye, RCA dome...

Well, the Colts played their last game ever in the RCA Dome this weekend. It's kind of bittersweet, because they've done some pretty amazing things there (especially recently) and it was sad knowing we were there for the last time. But the new stadium is going to blow the pants off the old one, and we're really looking forward to starting some new memories there too! I've only been a true fan for the past few years, as it took a year or so to let go of my Tennessee loyalty (NO, I am not a fairweather fan, it's just that the Titans are not at all the same team they were when I lived there, and frankly, the Colts are a classier organization). But the past few years have been awesome and we feel so priviledged to be able to go to the games (thanks to Ted's Grammy!). We lost the game, but it was neat to look around afterwards and see fans lingering in their seats, taking in "the scene" one last time...Ted took me to my first Colts game when we were dating in college, the first time he brought me up to meet his family. We were falling in love and the future looked bright for us, and we were screaming our lungs out! This afternoon actually wasn't much different....sure, there was the occasional huge burp from one/both of us and I wasn't hiding a baby under my jersey in college ( ! ), but things were mostly the same: we were in love, the future looked bright, and we were screaming our lungs out. Now that's a good Sunday :)


SLO said...

I looked for you in the stands!!! I dont think I realized they were moving to a new stadium. I hate to admit it too, but we secretly cheer for the know, because of family and all!!!