Sunday, April 13, 2008

April Showers

We had the honor of having not one, but TWO baby showers over the past few days and we want to start out by saying a big huge THANK YOU to everyone! On Thursday night, we had a "co-ed" shower here at home, which was really fun and great way to involve the guys in all the baby ooohing and aaahing. My sis-in-law Beth flew in from LA, and Ted's cousin Cherrylynn flew in from Austin to both help host the shower along with Ted's aunt. It turned out there was a theme: ducks, which is perfect for either a little boy OR girl, and we had such a great time catching up with family and friends. I'll post a few pictures from the evening (along with one where Ted has assumed "stern daddy" pose....after interrogation from me, it turns out he had no idea he'd done that, but I'm pretty amused at how intimidating he can look, and a little scared for our child if they are ever so unfortunate as to get this "look.")

We went to Nashville over the weekend and met up with my WHOLE family. This almost never happens, so I was really excited to get all of us in one spot. I had a shower on Saturday afternoon that was girly and gorgeous, and then spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my family and catching up with my sisters. It's a really exciting time in my family, and we figured out that in a few months, we'll have reached 13 in number! It makes eating out sort of a nightmare for those around us, but it's totally worth it when I look around and see what the last few years have blessed us all with.

Ted put the stroller together as soon as we got home, and let me push it around the house and play "Mommy," my new favorite game! As we were unpacking tonight and making trips back and forth to the nursery to unload, I honestly felt like the luckiest woman in the world. We are so fortunate to have so many people that not only love us, but already love our little one and have made so much effort to show their care and support for our little family. I know gifts are just "things," but these things you all have picked out for Peanut represent so much more, and it makes my heart so full to know what kind of a family this baby is being born into. My sister got me a wall hanging that says, "From small beginnings come great things," and every time I feel that tiny baby kicking me, I believe that more and more. Speaking of great things, Ted and I leave this week for Aruba to sprawl out in the sun and enjoy being a twosome for just a moment longer....a happy, sad, weird, and exciting thought all at the same time, you know? It will be a while before I post again because of the vacation, and if my blog were a storefront window, I would definitely put up a sign that says "Gone Fishin'." Thanks again to everyone, we're so much better for having you all around us. xoxoxo


SLO said...

We had a fabulous time visiting this weekend!! It was so good to catch up a little and share in this exciting time with you and Ted. I can't wait for little one to get here and join our crazy family:) I am glad you loved your stuff...and you will love using it all once peanut gets here even more! We love you and hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time on your trip. I am still totally available to go if you want to take me instead of Ted!!!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I hope you guys have a great trip! How fun!!!

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