Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The good news is that life is still sweet, the bad news is that I have gestational diabetes, and the ugly is Missy's husband, Sam, dressed up as a woman...
I'll expand on each of these...yes, life is good. The good days still outnumber the bad ones, the comforts override the discomforts, the blessings cover the shortcomings, and the big picture is always, unwaveringly gorgeous. A book I read said that "The world is full of trickery and deceit, but God is everywhere, and grace abounds." It stuck with me and seemed especially true this week, too. All flowery language aside, perspective takes time (usually several days in my case) and we started off this past week with news that I have gestational diabetes. Basically, I have to monitor my blood sugar for the rest of the pregnancy, but then it supposedly disappears. Babies growing in diabetic moms tend to accumulate and store fat faster than normal, and this increases my chances of induction or C-section. Ted and I have been taking Bradley childbirth classes since February and have seriously debated the idea of having this baby naturally (I'm not a masochist or a hippy, but the idea appeals more to me now). This recent news was a little discouraging, because it might not come down to our decision anymore. As first time parents, any minor glitch in pregnancy can be really scary, but luckily this glitch could be a lot worse, and we're at least able to manage it to a degree. As long as I follow the rules, Peanut won't turn into "The Incredible Hulk," as Ted so delicately put it.
We've had a relaxing, sugar-free low-carb weekend. The weather finally hit 60 and the sun came out, so we spent a lot of time outside messing around in the yard. I went to my girlfriend Missy's baby shower this afternoon. She ended up getting pretty sick and having to miss her own shower (I'd be so sad!) so her husband filled in for her, literally. He wore the dress she planned to wear and a blonde wig, and fluffed up his chest and his belly and declared himself "Missy." Keep in mind, this is Ted's hunting buddy...We still had a great time and he did a standup job of playing "mom-to-be." I also got a picture with the other pregnant gals, Kelly and Kendra. We were friends before we were pregnant, and somehow managed to all get pregnant at the same time (we're all due within an 8 day range). It's been really fun and refreshing to be going through this time together, and I know we'll lean on each other even more once the babies come along.


SLO said...

We can't wait to see you this weekend!! I am so excited, and Ty can't wait to see his Auntie Caroline:)