Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Legislative Ladies

On Monday night I had the chance to get together for dinner with 3 of my former co-workers in the House: Brooke, Emmalee, and Jordan. We've all gone off in different directions over the years, but it's so fun to get together and catch up. It's an exciting time for everyone, between babies and new marriages and new jobs, and since Jordan and her husband live in Texas now, it's a rare event to see her! She even brought a T-shirt for Peanut that says "Little Republican" (its not forcing my views on the child if it's too young to read, right? ;)
We had our 35 week checkup yesterday. They did an ultrasound to make sure the baby isn't too big (which can happen with gestational diabetes), and decided instead that the baby is too small. They said it looks like around 4 lbs. 11 oz. at this point, which is 2 weeks smaller than average. (*Also note that ultrasounds aren't the best at judging weight accurately). So they did a non-stress test to make sure there's nothing to worry about that might be slowing growth, and Peanut passed with flying colors. They want to do a non-stress test every week from now on, and another ultrasound at 37 weeks. Ted and I have discussed this, and we feel that the baby is perfect as it is. As long as there's weight gain between now and the 37 week ultrasound, we don't think there's any reason to worry. Added tests and ultrasounds are not fun seems in "Baby Land" there's a very rigid definition of "normal." God says he "knits us together in our mothers' wombs," and I trust his knitting abilities :) I asked the dr. if he thought adding cheesecake to my diet would help boost development....the answer, I'm sorry to report, was "no." I tried!


Emmalee said...

Look, there's a ghost in your picture!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

YES!!!!! I made the blog!!! Cant wait to meet peanut next time i am home!!! ;)

SLO said...

Peanut is absolutely perfect, dont you worry:) Im proud of you for trying to squeeze the cheesecake bit dad always taught us, it never hurts to ask!!! We love you.