Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

Ted has been driving a company vehicle for the past 2 years, a new F150 that he loved. What we do NOT love lately has been the price of gas, and the thing just guzzled it. So Dick (Ted's stepfather/boss) decided to get rid of the truck and invest in something a little gentler on gas...a Prius. It certainly serves its purpose...Ted drove close to 500 miles on one tank of gas, and with the amount of driving he does for work, this is incredibly helpful. It's pretty roomy inside and I determined I can fit a stroller in the trunk area and its certainly more kid-friendly than the truck was. Ted is pretty excited about how efficient the Prius is, but bless his heart, he has definitely taken a hit when it comes to manliness in vehicles ;) We've heard it described as "so cute," "earth-friendly," and "tiny"....words that don't exactly exude testosterone. So, we found a used truck to buy over the weekend to fill in the gaps in our lives. Here's a picture of Ted next to his new/old purchase. It's a '94 F150 and runs fairly well. We've gotten spoiled by having trucks around over the years to do odd jobs and use for everything from mulch in the summer to firewood in the winter, and it's perfect for that. Plus, it has a backseat that we can cram a carseat into. He'll probably take off the camper shell soon, but needless to say, he's very pleased to have something manly in the driveway again to use on weekends and errands.
Mother's Day has been great :) I received "breakfast in couch" (always better than in bed) and cards from both Jack (the cat) AND Peanut! Jack has spooky Halloween handwriting because he doesn't have thumbs, and Peanut's handwriting is quite advanced for it's gestational age, if I do say so. We had the chance to hang out with Ted's Grammy, aunt, and sister today and I also got to catch up with my mom, and its been great to be in the company of so many great mothers today! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and moms-to-be in our lives!!!


Beth said...

Brilliant title...and more than fitting! I think the truck definitely evens out ya'lls diminished carbon footprint! :) I hear it about the gas prices...we have two gas guzzlers and it is painful.

I'm so glad you had a good first Mother's Day! It was great to see you guys--you are absolutely beautiful pregnant and it's getting so close that I can hardly stand it

SLO said...

Glad Ted got a manly vehicle! Im sure he loves it. Yall's pregnant pictures are so cute too! You will be glad you got them done. We are so excited that little mosey will be here next month!