Sunday, May 4, 2008

We're drenched!

We've officially had so many showers, we're drenched! The nursery seems to be almost completely stocked, it just needs some attention and organization. I'm looking forward to the 3 weeks I'll have off before our due date to "nest" and get things in order. I sigh every time I walk past the open door and see all the baby stuff in a pile, begging to be sorted through and put in its place. My friend Kendra and I had a co-shower on Friday night, and above are a few pictures from the evening. There's also a picture of the 4 gals again, probably the last one we'll have since one is due this month!
We've had a good, but busy, weekend. We had pregnancy photos taken on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. Ted's friend from high school is a photographer with her own studio near us, and it was a cool experience to have our first "family" (sort of) pictures taken :) It's a little unnerving to take pictures at this point, feeling so big and awkward and not like myself, but I know I'll treasure having them and photographing these memories, and these months that have changed me more than any have before. It's definitely a special time in our lives and I'm glad we got the chance to document it. Sometimes I feel sorry for our second kid, because I know we won't be nearly as enamored with pregnancy by that point!
We went to 2 cookouts this afternoon and enjoyed the clear weather and sunshine. I have Tuesday off work for the primary election (don't forget to vote, Indiana folks) and conveniently scheduled a dr. appointment for that morning so I don't get roped into working the will be the first election in a while that I haven't been volunteering in some way and no matter how hard I try to feel guilty....I don't ;)


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I cant wait to see you and "peanut" on Monday!!!!!!