Monday, June 23, 2008

He eats

It's possible we're on the verge on a growth spurt. I hope that's the case, and that today was not a foreshadowing of Jude's future appetite. I am still in my PJ's at 7pm, because every attempt to do anything today was thwarted by my little Darling. Basically, he had me chained to the couch, nursing him every 30 to 45 minutes, no joke. He's really a mild kid, so his frequent cries today were out of left field. Each time he fussed, I tried a different trick to calm him down...his swing, tighter swaddling, new diaper, pacifier, singing, (I even changed his outfit once, because I know I can get fussy myself when I'm not happy with what I'm wearing), thinking "SURELY he's not hungry again." He was, he is, and will be evermore, it started to seem. So I resigned myself to the Food Network (no big sacrifice:) and just let him sleep in my lap in between "meals." I even figured out how to wander around the house without disturbing him when he's eating--an odd sight that I hope the mailman didn't see...I've also gotten pretty good at grabbing the TV remote/cell phone/snacks with my feet, as I often find myself stuck in one spot while the necessities are out of reach.

I complained to Ted about how much he was eating today, and then when Ted came home from work, Jude went out like a light, it figures!

I'm posting a few pictures, one of which features his mohawk, and his "show-off" flared nostrils. I think ya'll will appreciate it.


Danielle said...

Hi! I am new here. Great blog. Your son is adorable and I love his name. If my next baby is a boy I want to name him Jude!

Beth said...

Love the mohawk...maybe it's a signature family trait. I was just showing ABC the newest pictures of Jude and she started chirping and spastically waving at him. :)
I promise that the growth spurts only last a few days...And then right when you think that you can't possibly take it anymore, you look down and your eating machine is the Jolly Baby Giant and sleeps for about two days straight. Weird.