Monday, June 2, 2008

T minus 2 weeks...

Ted and I are frantically trying to squeeze in all the couple activities we possibly can before we make the leap from couplehood to parenthood. We went to the Eric Clapton concert on Friday night and it made for an exciting night...there were huge thunderstorms here that night, but they held off until the very last song for us! Most of the evening was the windy, warm, cloudy, eerie kind of hours that come as a big storm is brewing. The sky absolutely opened up on the last song and we got wet running (or "speed-prissing" in my case) back to the car.
Ted was also sweet enough to take me to see Sex and the City on Saturday night, although he refused to wear high heels and go out for Cosmos beforehand. His loss ;)

There were lots of birthdays in the family this week, so we all went out to dinner to celebrate last night. Dinner was delicious, and then we headed over to our good friends' house to kiss their new son! As I've mentioned on previous posts, there are 4 of us ladies that got pregnant all around the same time, and the first one had her baby on May 22! His name is Thomas and he's absolutely precious. I'm technically the "next in line" for delivering...can't believe D-day is only 2 weeks away!


Beth said...

Ted should have joined the ranks (well...Dan and Sam) and sported some girly attire. Clearly all of the cool kids are doing it--plus it would have made for great blog material.
We're counting the days around here! ABC can't wait to meet her lil' cousin!