Thursday, July 17, 2008

Back in the Game!

I had my 6 week checkup today, and I'm happy to report I "passed" and I'm officially back to life as usual (or as "usual" as it can be with an additional person in the house!) So my body has recovered, but my mind is another matter. I've been leaving my brain at the house lately. I seem to have forgotten what day it is, and forget about asking me what the DATE is, that's way too difficult for me to grasp. I started back to Pilates, as I mentioned. I really look forward to it in a new way this time around, because its my alone time--I get to listen to loud music in the car and turn off that part of me that's always listening for a cry or murmur for one whole hour:) So Tuesday I happily put on my workout clothes, made a bottle for Ted to feed Jude, and left. I walked into the (very small, single-room) studio and took off my shoes, threw down my keys, and realized everyone was staring at was the middle of a class, NOT the beginning, and apparently not my class at all judging from the strange faces....the instructor had her back to me and I studied the schedule on the wall while a bunch of women stared at me, and realized that Caroline takes class on MONDAY nights, not Tuesdays. I put my shoes back on and booked it to the car, where I allowed myself to be embarrassed for a minute before I drove back home, to the surprise/delight/confusion of my family. The nice thing I've discovered about having a new baby at home is that no matter what happens during the day, whatever went right, wrong, or in between, seeing his sweet face makes the events of the day so dim. I'm somebody's mom, and that fact endures and remains even if nothing else makes sense sometimes. The two things I'm the proudest about myself are that I'm Ted's wife, and Jude's mom.
(OK, so the 6 week postpartum period has officially ended, but as you can see the sappy emotions are still lingering!) I'm just happy. I heard a funny quote once that said "Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone else can see it, but only YOU can feel it!" Aint that the truth.
Here are a few pictures of my pride and joy:) I hope everyone's having a beautiful week (whatever week this is, don't ask me...;)


SLO said...

love your quote about happiness! The forgetting thing is called mommy brain. You just can't quite function like you used to!! Think about this....when Tyson was 5 weeks old I started my new teaching job at Harding two nights a week!!! Try remembering what days you had to go to work and then trying to study your lessons for class during the day and have enough energy and brain power to lecture on it for 2 hours and answer any questions intelligently....not such a smart decision on my part looking back!!!

Beth said...

I love the first picture! He is such a cutie pie!! That color of blue really suits him. And don't sweat the mommy brain thing...we all have it and regardless...whatever you do in the next few months (years) that is stupid can be blamed on it. Justifiably. Plus, take solace in the fact that there is always someone out there who has done something stupider than you. Which is always a good thing.