Sunday, July 13, 2008

Moseyin' Man

Jude is definitely becoming an expert stroller. Taking walks is pretty much the only activity I know to do with him at this age (thank goodness it isn't the dead of winter!) so we go strolling almost every day. Plus, it sounds corny, but it's also my favorite time to pray for him. Other moms said they cherished the moments in the middle of the night while they were up with their babies, because it was quiet, alone time that they were able to use to talk to God about their little ones. Cherish is not actually the word I would use to describe the moments I spend with Jude in the middle of the night...our walks are much more peaceful and my attitude toward Jude is much softer when he's calmly dozing! He got in quite a bit of strolling over the weekend too, and got to spend some time with aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpas too! We took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and (you guessed it!) strolled around Broad Ripple, side by side with his cousin Annabel! (I think he was a little jealous that she gets to face out into the world, instead of up at nothing...) We also took him to the pool this morning and he got to wear his "big boy swimsuit" for the first time! His trip to the pool consisted of sitting in his carseat in the shade while Mommy and Daddy laid out and read magazines and swam....he'll have better trips when he gets older and isn't forced to hide from the sun!
Ted and I also had a hot date on Saturday night :) Our first date without Jude was when my mom was up visiting, and she watched him while we went out to La Jolla for dinner and margaritas. Saturday night we dropped him off at his Nana's house so we could hit Adobo for some margaritas and alone time (I don't know what it is about ditching the baby that makes us race for cocktails...) It was so nice to have a little time by ourselves, but we were already missing our little man by the time the check came. I knew our lives would be forever changed after he was born, and it really is crazy how different it is already in just a few weeks. Our hearts and our thoughts and our priorities have been so wonderfully monopolized by this little guy, and I can't say that I'm bothered by that at all :)


Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

You are such a cute family!!!! :)

SLO said...

Glad the swimming worked out for you:) I can't get over how big he is getting! I can't wait to get the boy cousins together in just a few weeks!

Beth said...

Again, that swimming suit is about the cutest thing I've ever seen! It was fun strolling the kiddos around last weekend.