Thursday, July 10, 2008

Growing like a weed

Jude went to the pediatrician for a checkup this week and much to his mommy's delight, he weighs 8 lbs. 10 oz. and grew 2 inches! Nice work for a 5 week old. I was talking with my sister Lauren this morning and she said, "Look at him now, and picture him being born that size...that's what MY son weighed!" I think I might have given that epidural a second look if that were the case...
He also got his second Hep B shot at his appointment, and I was telling Ted that I saw my first glimpse of the "man" in Jude. The nurse had him lay on the table while I frantically tried to distract him from the needle hovering near his thigh--I bent over and let my hair fall all over his face, something that sounds irritating but he appears to like it when he's on the changing table--and sang him a song while the nurse did the dirty work. He let out one huge, long, painful scream that went right through Mom's heart, and then drew a quivering breath, looked up at the ceiling, pursed his lips and sucked it up like a big strong man! He is my idol. I would have taken him for ice cream if he cared anything about it.


SLO said...

Good talking to you this morning:) Jude is changing so much...too cute! What a sweet little man.

Julie said...

What a big boy! So brave!

My boy was 9 lbs. 5 it's always so hard for me to hold small my baby was NEVER that small!

Congratulations again. :)

The Flynns said...

OMG - he looks so much bigger than he did this past weekend - that is amazing!!

Beth said...

He is getting so big!!! His facial features are really starting to come out, and he is very handsome!

We need to hang out soon. Jude will be able to hold his own around Annabel soon. Give the little man a hug from us.