Monday, July 28, 2008

Jude Meets His "Cousin"

Jude had the pleasure of meeting his sort-of cousin yesterday...I use the word cousin loosely because it's actually Ted's cousin's daughter, and I'm really not sure what to call the relationship between our offspring...anyway, her name is Cadalyn and she was in town from Austin to celebrate her 1st birthday! She is absolutely adorable, as you can see from her picture. I don't think either one of them had any idea they were meeting each other, as Cadalyn was more enamored with his carseat than him, and Jude had his "Seven Mile Stare" going on, straight at the wall. Oh well. There's plenty of time to get further acquainted. It was a great afternoon to get together with family and cook out, and see our cousins Ethan and Cherrylynn (Cadalyn's parents--there's a picture of me with Cherrylynn and Jude above). It's fun watching the family grow:)
Jude continues to grow himself. We plop him on our home scale, which has proved to be fairly accurate in times past, and it said yesterday that he's topped 10 lbs. I love that he's getting some meat on his tiny bones, and looking more and more like a little boy:) You might be able to see in his pictures now that he sports a chin dimple...there was really no getting around it, since Ted and I both have those! We called it before he was ever born. He's also graced us with his smile several more times, mostly when I sing a silly song about the zoo to him. It's still a bit of a chore to get it out of him though, so I'm excited about the time when he smiles without so much effort on my part! He also did something amazing last night....he slept from 9:30pm-2:15am, almost 5 hours! I almost don't want to even mention it, for fear of jinxing myself. He woke up at 5:00 and then again at 7:30, but the 5 hour stretch was a real breakthrough. He's never made it for more than 3 and a half hours in a row at night. I hope we're entering a new sleeping phase, but again, I'm trying not to have any expectations right now. I hope everyone has a happy Monday!


SLO said...

He is too cute!

Beth said...

Congrats on the sleep! It is indescribable how luxurious it is once it happens! I'm sure there will still be some bumps in the sleeping road, but it sounds like things are beginning to look up.

I'm sorry we couldn't stay to hang out more on Sunday...we'll have to set something up soon. We miss you guys!