Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Relaxin'

Jude had a good weekend, I'd say. And Ted and I had a GREAT weekend:) Not for any particular reason, we just had such a good time doing a whole lot of nothing. This was the first weekend Ted hasn't worked in a long time, and we took full advantage of our time together. We ate dinner "al fresco" every night, took lots of walks, and enjoyed the wonderful weather (very un-August!) Today we picked up some cuban sandwiches (our favorite!) and some mindless magazines and went to the park for a picnic. Jude was an angel...not just this afternoon, but all weekend really. He's such a good-natured kid, maybe the sunshine and nice weather made him extra sweet the past few days. Here he is at the park, working on his tan and hiding his face from the incessant paparazzi (sometimes referred to as Mom and Dad...)

I especially like this one....he seems so lost in thought:)

Other than that, not much is new. We went back to our Bradley childbirth instructor's house during the week, to speak to her current students. It was fun to be on the "other side" of the experience and get to tell our story to the expecting parents. I remember listening to the moms who returned to share their birth stories just a few months ago, and just being in awe of them all...I thought they were the most amazing, toughest, strongest women in the world. Ted and I were excited to tell them our story this week and answer their questions, and it felt awesome to be able to do that.

Jude had another checkup at the pediatrician last week (his 2 month visit) and weighs 12 pounds now, which is more than double his birth weight! He's definitely filled out and then some, and I think he's becoming an adorable little bundle of different from the teeny tiny thing we brought home from the hospital!


SLO said...

He is too sweet!! Tyson cannot wait to meet his only boy cousin this weekend. Get ready for lots of pictures!!

The Flynns said...

OMG - he is getting so big!! He is too cute!! We are going to be in Indy this weekend - will you kids be around?

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I am going to be home this coming weekend! Maybe next Monday (a week from today) I could come over and meet Baby Jude!!!! I lost my phone and have no numbers will you send my yours or text me it??? Thanks! :) miss you!