Sunday, August 31, 2008

Odds and Ends

Nothing major to write about this weekend, just a few misc. things. Jude is still growing at a breakneck pace, outgrowing onesies right and left. I balance him on our home scale (that's pretty accurate) every now and then, and this week it said over 13 lbs. I've been forcing him into some of his newborn onesies and they look like spandex on him, so we're graduating to some bigger ensembles. He will be 3 months old this week, and looks every bit of it. He was pretty well-behaved over the weekend, considering we drug him around a lot. We had a great dinner at Mama Carolla's on Friday night, and we sat outside and even had a glass of wine, and it felt like a real date because Jude was so quiet we forgot he was there! Normally when we eat out, Ted and I look like we're competing in some kind of speed eating contest because we're afraid Jude will get loud and distract the people around us. Mama Carolla's was a gamble, but it worked out in our favor, thankfully. Ted worked on Saturday, and I made a Babies R Us run and a few other errands, then we had dinner and took a long walk. A very long walk. We had a lot to talk about, and we walked so far that by the time we turned around, we were an extremely long way from our car and were walking back well after it got dark. Jude was sure to alert us that we'd walked past his bath time, too. Today after church, the weather was so great that we picked up food and had a picnic out at the little metro airport and watched the airplanes land and take off. Ted talks about wanting to get his pilots license sometime...something he forgets about a lot, but suddenly remembers whenever we're at the airport or around planes. Definitely something for the lifetime "to do" list.
Last week, I forgot to talk about our hot date night! Every year on Aug. 25, Ted and I go to dinner at TGI Fridays to re-live our first date ever at, you guessed it, TGI Fridays in Bowling Green. We used to go all out and take separate cars to make it authentic. It's getting harder and harder to be authentic these days, though. This year was a little exciting because as we were eating at the bar, Marvin Harrison showed up and sat at the table right behind us:) Ted began furiously text messaging people and I complained that he never would have taken his eyes off me if this were 5 years ago on our first date, but I guess times (and technology) have changed...;)
Speaking of Marvin Harrison, we went to a Colts preseason game on Thursday night. It was our first time in the new stadium, and we were absolutely giddy when we saw it. It's amazing, there's so much to see and everything is so over the top. I LOVE that there's a retractable roof, too. It just doesn't feel like football unless you're outside (I always eat those words in December). We were typical fans and wore our jerseys, cheered like crazy, and spent a small fortune on snacks. I can't wait for the regular season to start, one of the signs that summer is giving way to fall, which I am more than ready for.
Here are a few pictures of our little man, strutting his stuff in his ducky robe, giving us the "turtle face," and just generally being cute and irresistible:)


Beth said...

That's cool that Jude allows for some "date nights" with him in tow. We had fun watching him the other night. Marvin Harrison (that's so cool!) or not, our little ones sure do change things!

Nana said...

I am glad we got to be a part of date night and spend the evening with Jude. We had a great time ourselves on your date night!
Love, Nana

Emmalee said...

You better believe I'm still reading up on the blog even though I'm in Minnesota! I love the turtle face!!

SLO said...

Jude's adorable. Glad yall are having fun:)