Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long night...long weekend...

It was a long weekend to say the least, and not exactly in a good way. It kicked off on a bad note when Jude decided to wake up 4 times on Friday night. (don't let the cute picture above fool you, he can be merciless). Not the good night's sleep we were hoping for...he fussed so loud and for so long at one point that Ted got up and went to the office--at 6am--on a Saturday. Yeah....That 10 hours of sleep he pulled last weekend was just a carrot he dangled in front of us and then snatched away.
We watched our neice Annabel on Saturday for a few hours, and discovered pretty quickly that toddlers are a whole different ballgame than infants. Infants are helpless, but that's the blessing and the curse of that age...they can't do ANYTHING for themselves, but the nice thing is that if you prop Jude up on the couch and wander off to throw in a load of laundry or check your email, he stays where you put him. Annabel is a very busy bee and I am sorry to say we ended up sending her home with more than a few bumps and bruises, but luckily, our eyes were opened to the joys and dangers of toddler-hood and she has a very forgiving Mom and Dad. She does play a mean game of hide and seek, though, and I decided if I can find half the amount of joy in something I do during the day that she does when she "finds" us hiding, I'm in good shape:)

We skipped church today and played outside instead (I know...heathens;). We had lunch with our friends Sam and Missy and the boys. Sorry this picture is so bad of Jude and Thomas...I've learned that with little ones, you take what you can get with regard to pictures! Sam introduced Ted to bow hunting; well, he introduced him to the bow, and hunting with it comes in a few weeks. They practiced in the backyard for a while today, and Ted is pretty impressive if I say so myself. My big strong hunter:)

I hope everyone else had good weekends and got more rest than we did!


Beth said...

Annabel had a blast with her aunt and uncle! Just look at her pictures--she is in heaven anytime she has a fresh hide and seek audience. Mom and Dad are old news.
I hope Jude is sleeping better! Lack of sleep is so cumulative and makes everything so hard!
Love you guys!!