Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pumpkin Spice Lattes and All Things Fall

Fall has fallen, and I couldn't be happier about it! The summer wasn't too hot, but I'm never sorry to see it go. Ted told me yesterday that he always knows the seasons change by the tornado of clothes all over our bedroom, when I pull out the new season's bag of clothes hiding in the basement and have my own personal fashion show, reuniting with long lost "friends" like sweaters and boots and socks :) We also like to usher in the season with some of our family fall traditions we started a few years ago: going to Lilly Orchard for a caramel apple (check), switching from iced coffee to Pumpkin Spice Lattes (check), and cruising down in the truck to buy a load of firewood (no check, we're waiting a few weeks on that one).

Jude Hammy has a few new tricks up his sleeve, now that he's reached the ripe old age of 4 months. He can roll from his stomach to his back, and his back to his stomach (separate activities at this point). He performed this trick on the couch last week and caught Ted and I off guard, as Ted barely caught him before he rolled himself onto the floor. I put him on the floor on a blanket to see if he could reenact the roll, and he did for the most part. I've got a video below (sorry its a little long, the second half is very uneventful but I couldn't figure out how to cut it down when I posted)

We've also been squeezing in some last-minute cookouts before it gets too chilly. Our friends Jared and Laura had us over last week to grill out and catch up. Jared just got back from 2 weeks in Sudan with a group called Nadus, a super awesome organization that ministers through different initiatives--his was clean water. He's wanting Ted to go back with him in March, but we've got too much on our plate this year already, unfortunately. Africa definitely left its mark on us though, and we do hope to get back there someday. We also grilled out with our friends Kelly and Spencer, and they have a son just 4 days younger than Jude, named Aidan. It's fun trading clothes and advice, and watching them grow at the same rate. Jude was a great guest, although he was a little more interested in the beer than the company!

Jude is doing a great job sucking his thumb, and at dinner last night he managed to suck both thumbs at once. Talented kid. He's still hit or miss with the sleeping thing. Last night he was up once at 3am, Friday night I think he was up once, and Thursday night (whenever the VP debate was, I don't remember which night) he slept 11 hours straight. I don't get it.

He's been reaching for toys and grabbing at objects too. He clasps his hands like he's praying when he goes to sleep and when I feed him, which is pretty adorable:) I still think he's a quiet, almost shy kid, so sweet and easy to love (during the day!)
And a final note: Jude and Jack are still going strong, and have remained friends despite challenges. This moring at 7am, Jude woke up and started fussing, and Jack was outside all night and starting meowing at our bedroom window. Ted thinks they would make a great duet and should work on putting together some sort of album. I concur. But I'm not buying it.


SLO said...

I love fall too! I am glad the weather is nice and yall are getting to enjoy it. Jude is so sweet and he will get his sleeping figured out. Hopefully soon!