Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jude's Food Feud

I took Jude to the pediatrician for his 4 month checkup and shots this past week. I went prepared this time (4 shots at a time can be brutal) and brought a bottle to give him immediately after the shots...nothing like a little milk to drown your sorrows and take away the pain. He weighs 14.2 pounds and is 26.25 inches...his weight has been steady for a while now and he's in the 50th percentile so pretty average, but he is super-tall, in the 90th percentile. He's grown 6.25 inches in 4 months. Woah. I have a feeling I'm going to be one of those moms who has to point up at her son during a lecture, because he'll be so much taller than me. Here he is, proudly displaying his Band-aids and battle scars. I babied him the rest of the day...we snuggled on the couch and he took his nap on Mommy's chest that day, in a pile of drool while sucking on a fistful of her hair, his fave:)

Last night was a bit emotional for Jude Hammy. We decided to feed him rice cereal for the first time. I'll let ya'll be the judges of how it went.

He flipped out. Hated every second of it. I don't even know if he ended up swallowing any of it, pretty much every bite was blown out in disgust. Ted and I were extremely tickled by this rather than being sympathetic and nurturing, and continued the torture just for fun! When his wailing reached a climax we pulled him out of his seat and told him what a great job he did (parents can lie a little, right?) Needless to say, I don't think he was crazy about cereal. I don't know if he's not ready for food yet, whether we caught him at a bad time, or whether he just got freaked out by whole experience and needs to warm up to the idea. I'll try it again tonight just to double-check and if he exhibits the same behavior, we'll probably hold off and try again later. Poor thing.......Ted and I are such huge fans of food and snacks that we figured Jude would be eager to join us. Apparently not! We ended up having a really nice night though. We put him to bed, grabbed the moniter, a bottle of wine and some beer, threw on sweatpants and hoodies, and sat in the backyard around a fire and talked until the wee hours of the morning. I love Fall :)

Jude and I are on our own for the rest of the weekend. Ted went hunting out of town with his friend Sam, bow hunting actually. My girlfriend Missy and I are taking the babies and going out for Mexican tonight. I think the days are numbered for being able to sit outside and eat, so we're trying to take advantage of it!
Oh, I almost forgot! We had more pictures done of the fam last weekend at Holcomb Gardens. Some of them are up on Claire's website (I added a link to her website on my page, to the right) if ya'll want to check them out, and we'll get more of them later. Jude was extremely serious that day and didn't crack too many smiles, but I still think he's a cutie;)


SLO said...

Sorry to hear he hated his cereal. Keep trying it every once in a while and eventually when he is ready he will love it:) Yalls pictures are great by the way! Renee and I missed you this week.

Emmalee said...

Maybe he would prefer your world famous "Adobo Guacamole" or perhaps a pimento cheese sandwich...instead of icky rice cereal...I know I would! :)

The Flynns said...

He is getting so big - toooo freekin cute!!!! So are you two in Indy the 25th?? If so we are up there that weekend for the Flynn Halloween Party!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

I love the family photos! So cute! I hope yall are doing well!