Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rice Cereal: Round Two

Family Field Trip! We went to Traders Point Creamery this afternoon for no particular reason. I'd been wanting to get out there to take a guided tour just because it would be interesting and I love their food:) No tours on Sunday, but we wandered around the farm ourselves and showed the cows and chickens to Jude. There's a restaurant that overlooks the farm that I'd love to go to sometime, and we watched the workers making cheese and yogurt. We got milkshakes and they were amazing...they probably taste better when you're staring at the cows they came from (but didn't smell better!) Anyway, it was a gorgeous day and we plan to go back for lunch or dinner sometime, if anyone wants to go with!

As you can see, Jude is enjoying his rice cereal far more than before. Well, I wouldn't say enjoying, as much as tolerating. We left him alone for a bit before we tried again, and it got a little easier. I think the whole production of the "first cereal" intimidated him a little before...we were both in his face, he was in his high chair for the first time, we had the camera flashing, and it was a new experience that probably wasn't too tasty (I taste all of his food/medicine etc. so I can sympathize with him and soggy rice flakes ain't on restaurant menus for a reason) So I tried a sideways, low-key approach last week and it went much more smoothly. I now feed him out of a coffee mug sitting on the floor with him, either in my lap or in his bouncy seat and he's been much more willing to eat his tiny bites of mush. Yeah, some of it comes back out and he gets tired of it after a few minutes, but he's humoring us and I'm thankful. I just want to get this eating thing down over the next few weeks so I can move onto things he'll actually LIKE.

Here's a picture of little man, crashed out after MOPS on Friday. He has to skip his morning nap on MOPS days, but its cute how he's starting to actually notice the other kids and semi-interact. Hope everyone's having a relaxing weekend and enjoying the beautiful fall weather!


Beth said...

We are so down with going to Trader's Point! That'd make a great fall trip. We are thinking about Brown County this weekend.

I'm glad Jude is better with rice cereal. We also used to mix it with apple juice--I don't remember when we started it--but it does seem to flavor the paste a little bit. I think it's a good sign that Jude will have his mommy's epicurean tastes. This is without doubt due to his love of the Food Network.
PS: Love the Colt's socks!!