Saturday, November 8, 2008

I've been tagged!

My friend Jordan tagged me, so here goes 7 strange facts:

1) My absolute favorite movie is "You've Got Mail." The first time I ever saw it was in the movie theater with my whole family one Christmas Day. It had snowed (in Nashville at Christmas, which is a miracle) and we all piled into Big Blue and went to the movies to see it wearing our PJs. Now, I watch it every year in the fall. It has to be chilly outside for the "You've Got Mail" conditions to be right. This year, our old DVD was skipping and I freaked out, and Ted immediately ordered a new one online, which we watched last month. Again.

2) I have very sensitive ears, inside and out. I never wear earrings because even one hour makes these huge "balls" form in the earring holes and it hurts. They also hurt like crazy when its cold and windy, after 5 minutes outside on a cold day (plus wind) it feels like someone is sticking a knife into my eardrum. Every time we visit the "Windy City" I end up having to duck inside a store every few minutes until my ears "calm down." Hats are mandatory...I've even wrapped Ted's jacket around my head in a pinch. I hope Jude doesnt inherit my ears...I would be so traued...which leads me to #3...

3) If you've known me long enough (or anyone in my family), then you know the word "traued," pronounced "trod." This is a shortened word for "traumatized," which I heard at home all the time growing up. I was pretty old before I realized that it's not a real word, and that my mom had made it up. Nevertheless, its still used on a daily basis by everyone in my family. We use it in place of "upset," like "I was really traued when my cat died." Try it. You might like it!

4) I have to be planning a trip, or I feel anxious. I sit online and "book" trips to the brink of entering credit card information, then cancel my screen and feel better. It can be a big international trip, or just a visit to Tennessee to see my family, but there has to be something in the pipeline or I'm traued:) The absence of one income and the presence of a new family member is making this quirk harder to satisfy, and I can only imagine it will get harder in the coming years. I suspect these trips will get closer and closer to home, and that's OK. I think looking forward to something is important to a person's overall sense of well-being, at least mine.

5) I don't really like beer, although I've always wished I did. "What??"...some of you say. "But I've seen you drinking beer." Correct. But I probably didnt like it. I can't tell you the variety of beers Ted has made me try, trying to find one I'll tolerate. I always associate beer drinkers as laid back and low maintenance, and I really want to fit that bill when it comes to drinks, but I just can't! This posed problems in college at Ted's fraternity parties...I always wanted to be the girl at the keg, but instead I was the girl hiding my Pinot Grigio in a dixie cup. If I drink a beer these days, its usually just to be polite. (I am low maintence in many other areas, I promise!)

6) This one is actually a weird fact about both me and Ted. We both start books, read half or 3/4 of it, then come across a new book and start reading THAT one. Then we try to go back to the first book, and can't remember what's going on. Sometimes we each have 2 or 3 books we're reading, and might never actually finish any of them. This is one reason I don't ever read fiction. It's easier to pick up where you left off in a non-fiction because there's usually no story line.

7) I love pickle juice. When I finish a jar of pickles, Ted's not allowed to throw the jar away because I'll stand at the refridgerator and drink the juice before I throw it out. Disgusting? Maybe. Delicious? Yes! When I was little I ate pickle-sicles I made in ice cube trays with toothpicks. Ted once made me one in a beer mug with a chopstick, and it was huge! I think it was a joke, but I tried to eat it anyway.

I tag anyone who has a free morning and wants to share 7 weird facts about themselves!