Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 2009!

So I'm doing my "New Year" post a little late this year. Where to begin....well, in between Christmas and New Years, there was a day when it got up to 50 degrees and sunny. Jude and I were doing our usual winter routine of trying desperately to entertain ourselves indoors while gazing longingly out the window, when I decided 50 degrees and sunshine constituted a much-missed walk on the Monon. So we bundled up and headed out, and walked about 20 minutes into the woods. Jude loved sitting up like a big boy in his stroller (although I miss keeping him in his carseat, facing Mommy!) and everything was great....until we turned around to come back. This time, the wind (FIERCE wind) was in our face, and Jude started wailing immediately. I considered dragging him back to the car backwards, tried to arrange a blanket over his head, etc...but finally just sort of half-galloped back. Needless to say, we won't be prissing around outside until Spring. It's hard having a baby in the winter. Whoever is reading this, let's have lunch soon! We are bored.

For New Years Eve, our friends Sam and Missy and their baby Thomas all came over, and Jude and Thomas got to have a sleepover:) We put the babies to bed, and cooked a huge, late dinner. The boys cooked a live lobster (with some instruction from a You Tube video) and it came out great, I was so impressed! We were really glad to have some company. Ted and I have always made a big deal out of New Years, going out of town each year to get away by ourselves, overindulging in food and cocktails and talking out plans and hopes for the next year:) Things have changed, but we had a great night and loved sharing it with our good friends!

My friend Jordan came in town for the holidays (she lives in Pensacola with her husband now) and we got together, along with Emmalee, for an ex-House staff girls' night out! We talked babies (me), marriage (Jordan), and engagement (Emmalee), a full agenda for dinner conversation!

Jude has been sleeping so well lately, Ted and I have gotten spoiled. He sleeps 12 hours each night for the past few months, and we feel like real human beings again. He's been taking 3 naps a day, and goes down easily which is nice. He's started eating more, so I've been busy in the kitchen. I make weird little baby food cocktails to sneak in different foods that he's not fond of. For dinner, he's been eating a mixture of carrots, peas, apples, acorn squash, and sweet potatoes. It looks a little weird, but he eats it! He also had some yogurt yesterday. Bananas are the reigning favorite these days, though. I came into his room to put him down for a nap the other day, and discovered that a nap was already being taken in his crib! (Don't worry, the cat is always shut out of the nursery when Jude sleeps)

We showed our house over the weekend, so we had to be gone a lot of the time...NOT easy with a little one, but apparently it paid off because we got an offer yesterday! I'll keep everyone posted on what happens.
I made a few resolutions this year. One of them is to complain less, and I'm noticing right now that I just complained about the process of selling the house. Wow. I need to work on that one! I think I also complained in this post about winter. So from now on, if I start to complain to you, please don't sympathize....correct me! Life is completely beautiful, and my suggesting sometimes that it isn't, is wrong. In all my life, I've never been anything less than alright. God has been faithful in holding our little family in the palm of His hand. He's called the Author of Life, and I love that term because its like there's a big book with a happy ending, and we get to take it page by page. I'm ready and excited for 2009 and the next chapter!


Emmalee said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Can't wait to hear about the house developments...lunch soon. I promise I won't bail!

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

Yeah for pic of us from dinner! Jude is such a doll, I love him!:) It was so good to see you, good luck with the move!