Friday, February 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We've sprouted a tooth! (do you like how I said "we" instead of "Jude?" It's been an all-around family effort)

No, this is not Jude's standard 2-finger mouth plug, it is a delicate welcoming of his new jagged friend poking up. It was discovered, of course, by Ted, who has managed to discover ALL of Jude's milestones first. First smile, first laugh, first tooth....if he sees his first steps before me, I give up! Anyway, there may actually be two teeth. Ted texted me while I was at MOPS this morning to say he thought he felt another one. Jude cries when I try to touch it, so I'll check it out tomorrow, as he's presently in a Tylenol-induced coma for the night.

Here are a few pictures of the proud moment, along with the beer mug that gave Ted the telltale "clink" while they shared a pint of water:)


Beth said...

Congratulations, Jude Hammy!! I am so proud of you (and really I'm happy for your entire family, because if your mom and my mom are correct, it is a family affair.)

Now you can come over for that hamburger at the diner and gnaw on it without my help.

Love you!

Emmalee said...

He's so darn cute.....Jude, that is! :)

Cherrylynn and Ethan said...

A tooth! What a big boy! Great job, Jude... Keep it up!

Congrats to you all.