Sunday, March 1, 2009

Settling In

A lot to catch up on, let's see....we moved into an apartment on Monday, and finally got our internet hooked up so its time for a blog update! The Mosey's are now stationed at 62nd and Binford, in a lovely complex called Fountain Parc (Parc with a "c," mind you). We put about 75% of our stuff in storage, and moved with only the things we absolutely need for the time being. Moving out of the house was a big chore, and particularly interesting with a sick kid. Jude got the flu while we moved... It's really the first time he's ever been sick, and it was tough to see him like that, especially when we HAD to bundle him up and get him outside anyway. Ugh. His fever hovered between 100 and 103 for three days, he wouldn't eat solid food, and he slept 20 hours a day. Needless to say, the first thing we set up in the apartment was the crib, in just enough time to nestle him in before he fell back asleep, poor thing. He's better now, but he decided he isn't accustomed to his new room yet and likes to summon us in 2-3 times a night.....he slept all night last night and seems to be back in his groove, knock on wood. He was in a much better mood today, and I posted some pictures:)

We closed on our house on Friday morning. Of course, it's always a little sad to leave a home. We were only there 3 and a half years, but its been our entire married life and we stopped by early before the closing to say good-bye to each room, as corny as it sounds! We had a lot of great memories there, but I'm coming to realize that Ted and Jude are my home, wherever that is. (and Jack too...we snuck him in....sshhhhh!) We're still in limbo, waiting to hear whether we've been accepted to the missions organization and still pursuing jobs. But for the time being, we're just enjoying being together as a family. And it's really, really nice.


Emmalee said...

Thank goodness for blog updates! I didn't know Jude could hover in mid-air, like in that last photo?!? You have one special kid :)

Adventures of Aaron and Jordan said...

Finally, I have been wondering what you guys were up to!!! Looks like you are all settled in, I cant wait to hear about your new adventures!

Beth said...

That first picture of Jude is one happy guy. Could you email a copy to us for a bit of fridge flair?

Happy early birthday and we are looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

Jared said...

Like I always say, "any day spent with Ted is a good day."