Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthdays Birthdays!

Just a quick update with a few videos and pictures to share! I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday but, more importantly, Jude hit 9 months! Above are a few pictures of him around the house this week, my birthday dinner, and my girlfriend Kendra and her little boy Creighton. Jude's really been wowing us lately with his ever-increasing personality, that gets more endearing every day really. He has been working on pulling himself up on toys and laundry baskets and his changing table, and he's getting pretty good:) He also takes some shaky steps ("Elvis hips," we call it) while he's hanging onto our hands for dear life. Still not interested in crawling, so who knows. He IS, however, very interested in ham, and we now have to wrap his vegetables up in pieces of ham to get them down. He likes to eat most things, but when that ham hits his tongue, his eyes get wide, he smacks loudly, and he points and flexes his little toes in delight. And finally, Jude Hammy is discovering some dance moves, which isn't easy when he's not yet mobile. It's all about his head and shoulders these days. I've got a video that I debated about posting for obvious reasons once you hear the song, but he's too cute not to share:)


Beth said...

Oh, you made our day posting those!

Annabel was on my lap, moving back and forth, waving her hands in the air. Now she's trying to sing the same song to get the feeling back. We really need to have your skills around to get them going in stereo.

Beth and Annabel

Emmalee said...

I seriously watched the Jude dance video three times and LOL'ed. What a dance! :)

SLO said...

Um, yeah, that was a pretty emabarassing video, but we are super glad you posted it!!! Tyson watched it like 5 times and grinned and grinned and bopped his head around like Jude. Too cute:) Can't wait to see you next week either!