Friday, April 17, 2009

FiFi's Got Skills

Yes, in addition to Hammy we also call him Fifi. It's a nickname I have given to every cat we've ever owned (which is becoming quite the list) and applies to anything I want to squeeze, so naturally Jude inherited the nickname as well. Anyway, Fifi has acquired some new skills in the past week or so: waving, clapping, crawling, and cruising (The clapping is hit or miss). I also think he's working on a top tooth or two right now. He's a busy man. Hence the nap below, complete with his Lovey draped over his head, probably to drown out Dad's snoring. Just kidding....Ted doesn't snore during the day. Much. Jude actually has his face a few inches away from a little mirror in his crib, so apparently he drifted off to sleep that day admiring his fancy headdress.

We were in TN for Easter again this year. We spent time with family and friends, and really tried to soak it up since the clock is ticking before we leave. Jude had a ball! His Great-Grammy bought him his very first Easter ensemble:) He wore it to church and was a big hit with the older ladies there....we were trailed by cooing and cheek-pinching all morning! He managed to keep it clean most of the day, until Dad's chicken stew. I kept meaning to make a grocery run for Jude's food while we were there, but eventually decided the huge vat of chicken stew my dad made contained everything necessary for Fifi's survival. Memaw helped the kids dye easter eggs Sunday afternoon. Jude carefully inspected his, then threw it violently on the deck. Boys!

We went to lunch with Renee and Emily and my mom and enjoyed the warm weather. We strolled the babies around downtown Franklin and went in some shops, and Ted and I took a trip down memory lane--we went by the church we were married in:) I hope we're still taking walks past that church when we're old and gray and wrinkled....

Here are a few pictures of Jude waving. I hadn't tried to wave to him very much, I guess it just didn't occur to me. He does sort of a Nazi hail salute, but I've never counted that. We were at McDonald's the other week and a little boy waved at Jude. Jude twisted around in his high chair and waved back, to my surprise. Since then, he's been waving, more often at strangers than me and Ted. It's starts out a little unsure, but then he gains confidence and waves wildly. Here are some of his weekly waves.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather the past few days and went to the park to fly a kite and have a picnic, actually 2 days in a row. I like having a special place to take Jude as he grows. We've been bringing him to Holcomb Gardens since we was 2 weeks old, and go back often for pictures and picnics and just because. There's a bench there dedicated to my mother-in-law, and I love taking Jude there--it just feels like "our spot." My friend Kendra came out yesterday with her little boy Creighton, and it was fun watching the boys crawl around. I'm looking forward to lots more time outside, I think it does us all a ton of good:)


Emmalee said...

I feel like I've missed so much! Hope Hammy can give me a big wave this week :)

Beth said...

We missed you two over Easter too! We need to get the kiddos together very soon for a day of waving and clapping--two activities that are very much still on Annabel's list of favorites. We've been working on Annabel saying, "FiFi," but it comes out like, "Feet-Feet."

Leah said...

Hi!! Glad to finally meet you. Em has told me a lot about you. Looks like you have a fun one. You do a great job blogging. I can't believe it's almost been a year. I'll be sure to keep up with your blog. Thanks again for saying somehting.

Leah Matis