Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1st Mother's Day:)

Jude has become quite a busy bee, and as a result he's taken more than his fair share of tumbles and falls. He's a tough (sweet, but tough) little boy, and bounces back easily, thank goodness. Ted and I have seen a couple of serious train wrecks that made us both wince and shoot each other worried looks, but most of the time Jude goes on with life and no tears are shed (most of the time!) We haven't babyproofed anything, but so far he's pretty good about backing away from something when we say no. His new favorite thing is to cling for dear life onto our bedroom window, peering out at the street. He was hanging on so tightly with his little fingers and clinched toes that I backed away a few inches, and he's become such a pro that we allow him to "cling" for as long as he likes now, giving him some space. This probably won't help with the "tumbles and falls" I was talking about (it's a waist-high window)....but it's really funny to see!

I had my very first Mothers Day last weekend:) Jude still had a few weeks to cook last year on Mother's Day, so this year was really special. We spent a wonderful day hanging out with family and friends, and taking advantage of the nice weather by hanging outside. We also went to Holcomb Gardens and wandered around with Jude in some spots we don't usually go to. He's learning words....not saying them, but touching or looking at the object we say. "Water" is his new favorite. We have to stick our fingers under running faucets/bathtubs/fountains to feel the waaaaateerrrrr. But not the toilet. He can also usually identify fish, watch, fan, light, dog, duck, book, bottle, cup, grammie (beloved graham crackers), flower, and shoe.

We borrowed bikes from some friends yesterday and rode from Broad Ripple to downtown, got a coffee on Mass Ave, then came back. I think Jude really liked it, he screeched happily from his little pod trailing behind Ted and even passed out for a nap. It was such a pretty day for a bike ride...I hadn't ridden a bike in years and forgot how much I liked it. I think its safe to say our family is obsessed with the Monon! I can't count the number of hours over the years we've spent walking, running, waddling (while pregnant), strolling and just enjoying it. I think bikes are definitely on the list of things to get when we come back.


Cherrylynn said...

I forgot it was your first Mother's Day. Seems like Jude's been around forever! Glad it was a good one!


SLO said...

These are great pictures! Jude is getting quite adventurous in his age:) We are already missing the little guy, just knowing we wont see him til he his running and talking:( And of course we will miss his parents too. Hope things are going smoothly for yall and the transition goes well. We will see about posting any prego pictures of me...I am feeling huge already!

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of him hanging onto the window. What a cute little guy--- just so interested in the world out there! He'll enjoy looking at those when he is older.
-- Kendra